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Exactly what it looks like

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  1. What would you name your future daughter? Cheyenne.
  2. Do you miss anyone? Yes.
  3. What if I told you that you were pretty? Thank you
  4. Ever been told “it’s not you, it’s me”? Yes, urgh.
  5. What are you looking forward to in the next week? The end of exams.
  6. Did you go out or stay in last night? I went out with my family.
  7. How late did you stay up last night? About 1am.
  8. What were you doing at 12:30 this afternoon? I was on a bus leaving orchard.
  9. Have you ever told somebody you loved them and not actually meant it? No.
  10. Could you go for the rest of your life without drinking alcohol. Yes.
  11. Have you pretended to like someone? In primary school.
  12. Could you go the rest of your life without smoking a cigarette? Yes
  13. Is there one person in your life that can always make you smile? Yes.
  14. it hard for you to get over someone? Yes.
  15. Think back five months ago, were you single? Nope.
  16. Have you ever cried from being so mad? Yes.
  17. Hold hands with anyone this week? No.
  18. Did your last kiss take place in/on a bed? No.
  19. Who did you last see in person? My sister.
  20. What is the last thing you said out lot? O-M-G.
  21. Have you kissed three or more people in one night? No.
  22. Have you ever been to Paris? No.
  23. Are you good at hiding your feelings? Not really.
  24. Do you use chap stick? Yes.
  25. Are you listening to music right now? Nope.
  26. What is something you currently want right now? To eat.
  27. Were your last three kisses from the same person? Yes.
  28. How is your heart lately? It’s fine.
  29. Do you wear the hood on your hoodie? Sometimes.
  30. When was the last time a member of the opposite sex hugged you? Last week.
  31. What do people call you? Denise
  32. Have you ever wanted to tell someone something but didn’t? Yes.
  33. Are there any stressful situations in your life? My studies.
  34. What are you listening to right now? The fan.
  35. What is wrong with you right now? My priorities. It’s my happiness then studies.
  36. Love really is a beautiful thing huh? It is.
  37. Do you make wishes at 11:11? In fact, I do.
  38. What is on your wrists right now?My rubber band.
  39. Are you single/taken/heartbroken/confused/waiting for the unexpected? Taken.
  40. Where did you get the shirt/sweatshirt you’re wearing? A friend got it for me.
  41. Have you ever regretted kissing someone? Nope.
  42. Have you hugged someone within the last week? I did.
  43. Have you kissed anyone in the last five days? No.
  44. What were you doing at midnight last night? On the computer.
  45. Do you miss the way things were six months ago? Nothing’s changed so no.
  46. Would you rather sleep with someone else or alone? I like my space.
  47. Have you ever been to New York? No.
  48. Think of the last person who said I love you, do you think they meant it? They did.

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October 16, 2014 at 8:05 pm

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Thoughts update

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I can’t say that it’s my first time working at USS because I was there last year for Halloween Horror Nights 3. For this year, however, instead of the haunted houses,  the Adventure Cove (ACW) people were placed in attractions instead. It was a bummer because the happening parts are at the other side of where we’re at. I’m placed in Madagascar (MCA) with Lesley and we quickly become friends. We know of each other’s presence but had no chance to talk before we started working together.

The MCA crew are such lovely people. I think people who work in RWS are generally nice and friendly because you have to have that factor in order to do your job. I like how that because we are new, instead of ignoring us, they always acknowledge our presence and I really appreciate that. I had no idea that USS staff pack their food before they work so they don’t have to move around during dinner time. For ACW, we walk to the cafeteria. So one of them brought me to get my food and for that I was so grateful. One of the blessings of not being to do the haunted houses this year.

Gone where the days where I tell people that they have to wait 3 hours to enter the house. Now it’s just 5 minutes.

My body clock is screwed, though, for sleeping at 4am these past two days. I have slept for almost 8 hours, took a nap for about 4 hours and I feel so sleepy right now.

I wish I could just sleep with a peace of mind but I have exams in less than two weeks and I have yet to start doing anything. The thought tortures me and I need to do something about it but I am so tired. The one thing I really cannot stand about studying is that you have lots of free days but the weight of the things you have to do just haunts you at the back of your mind all the time. So they aren’t exactly free. It feels like I’m in a jail. It’s a mental prison because I have to study and I can choose not to but I have to deal with the consequences later and I don’t want to do that. There’s no way out, you know.

I have lots of thoughts standing in front of Madagascar entrance when there is nobody to pass time. Is it cheating if your heart chooses to jump to someone else? I mean, you can’t force feelings, right? So does the person who cheats gets to be blamed for it? Since feelings can grow everywhere.

Then I thought hmm, feelings can grow but you can stop them. You limit the interactions and stop yourself from doing anything stupid. I can see that you can have feelings for anybody, even in a relationship. The key thing about cheating is, whether you let them harvest inside. I believe in choices and that every move we make is something determined by us. You don’t choose who you like but you choose whether or not you want to make those feelings grow or just let it remain stagnant and it will die out eventually.

I like listening to stories. It’s like, I may never get to wear that pair of shoes then, a friend lets me wear it for awhile.

Javis is in Brunei and we’re counting down to when he gets back. 15 days more.

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October 13, 2014 at 12:58 am

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Special people

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IMG_5483 copy

IMG_5485 copy

IMG_5494 copy

Friends that tell you they love reading your blog is just precious. Especially when we don’t interact much. Those comments are way more special because.. it’s just really heartwarming and special to me! I don’t get those “Er, how does she know my blog?” thoughts because I publicise my blog a lot, haha. So, you can tell me! It makes me really happy! I got two this week so yay, haha. Thank you guys!

In love with my DW watch that I had to do this. Splitting it into two parts so it isn’t so overwhelming. I’m too lazy to collage two portrait photos so now you get the whole of it.

The lighting difference in the pictures are kind of annoying me but it’s almost 1 in the morning so I’m not going to bother. (I took out the photos that were different. I did bother in the end)

Addicted to Troye Sivan’s Happy Little Pill. I’m not a fan of deep singing voices (like Muse) but I like the tune of the entire song. I just created Spotify and here is my link. It’s all mainstream songs because they make me happy and are just really catchy. I hope to sort them into playlists soon but I can see a high chance of that not happening because I tend to do things halfway.

Totally unrelated but I liked Troye’s coming out video. That’s when I decided to jump on the bandwagon. Connor Franta is cute but he tries too hard, I’m sorry.

Goodnight everyone.

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October 6, 2014 at 1:03 am

Birthday post

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It’s 46 minutes since my birthday has passed. I am so so tired and sleepy but I just had to type my day down to remember it. Not that I need help but as time passes, the little details stay hidden somewhere in our minds, irretrievable.

I had school at 8.30. It was a torture because I slept late the night before to reply the 12am wishes! Thank you all for trying your best!!! Extremely touched!!! Met Minjia after school to get my present from her, Waiyee, Mengfung and Glenn. Thanks, guys!!! Put the little box in my bag and carried the carrier because it couldn’t fit.

Made my way down to find Kangling who brought me to try Saveur!! She passed me my present too! French cuisine at ridiculous prices because their food is soooo delicious!!! I think Kangling has treated me like 5000 times since she started working… She even refused my donut treat and treated me instead.

We went for a walk at Ion before ending up at Cineleisure to catch The Maze Runner!!! I just had to catch it a second time and I wanted Kangling to watch it, hahaha! It’s really good and it still made my heart go crazy (not Dylan but the thrills, okay). Went to H&M and slowly made our way up every floor. We played with beanies, hats and laughed at ridiculously designed necklaces. We picked the same shirt from the kids section and decided to pay.

That’s when I realized, I wasn’t holding my present bag anymore. My arms were empty. I went crazy and just threw the shirt somewhere and went searching for it. High and low, all over H&M. Asked every counter. Kangling was looking around too. We decided to retrace our steps and went back to cine where we searched all the possible areas, asked all the possible people but still, nothing. Kangling left her number with the cinema staff. I refused to believe that someone has taken it away and not return it. THERE ARE GOOD PEOPLE.

Flew back to H&M and searched all over again. Just aiming for a Mango bag. Went back to all the possible spots where we stayed for at least 15 minutes. Then, I saw it, hanging on a rack with the black scarfs. I searched that part probably about 4 times. I kept entering it from different angles and at that one isle, I saw the Mango word. I WAS SO FREAKING. HAPPY. Like, it’s my birthday, nothing could go wrong and even if it did, it will be right again AND IT’S TRUE, EVERYTHING WAS GREAT. Losing it for about an hour made me treasure it more. Due to my carelessness, I left someone’s present for me on some random rack. I felt so bad but I’m glad that I found it back!!! I knew I am lucky but that was the largest amount of luck bestowed on me, ever. The world has always been kind to me but lol, that was way too kind. Thank you for the present, World.

While searching for it, thoughts like “When you are happy, it means that life is going to do something to take that away.”, something like that and the next thought was like “duh, it’s not living if there are no ups and downs.” Just because you can walk now doesn’t mean you are never going to fall down again.

Thank you, Kangling for saying it’s okay, lol. IT’S TOTALLY NOT. She accompanied me until Javis came.

Javis came by to pick me up for dinner. He kept telling me it’s a secret, haha. He also said he has done a lot of research! So after driving around (making lots of wrong turns), the secret place was actually Pince and Pints! He said it’s my birthday and he wanted to bring me to eat lobster, LOL. We searched for a parking space for about 20 minutes. We reached at 10 (last order was at 10pm). Darren was working and he told us that the kitchen has ceased its operations. HE KEPT DROWNING US WITH WATER, HAHAHA!! Thank you for the free water!!! We left and went to search for a nearby restaurant.

It was this Italian restaurant. IT IS TOO HIGH END FOR ME, THE PRICES ARE NOT NORMAL. IT’S AT THE $40-$50 PER MEAL RANGE, I DON’T DESERVE THIS KIND OF PRICES. What. The. hell. Javis went crazy and we had angel hair pasta with half a lobster, ribeye steak and a huge pizza. Javis just kept saying he loves that place because it smells like roses and the steak was the best. I hd a bite and still think beef is horrible. I don’t get the hype. It was my first whole (half) lobster and it’s super good too!!!

We were so stuffed. Javis sent me home in a car for the first time. We went to pick up Kaiyan’s present for me before that!!! I’ll expose it in December, hopefully sooner!! Haha. Thank you, Kaiyan, for staying up! IT’S A SUPER GOOD PRESENT TOO!!!! You know I love it!

Javis sent me up and usually, the car park downstairs doesn’t have space at last timings like 11 plus but the heavens probably wants him to send me home all the way!! Hahaha! And that’s what he did.

I had the best birthday I could ever have. Thank you all for all the wishes, the instagram dedications, the facebook dedications and decorating our photos. I have a ton, haha. I love you all. I remembered my foolish dream of dying before I hit 20 because I wanted to be a teenager forever. I’m 21 now and I’ve never felt happier.

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October 3, 2014 at 1:31 am

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There are two kinds of people

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two-kind-of-people-everythingwithatwist-09 (1)

It’s chewy, sometimes crusty, and it’s the part where you totally don’t have to struggle with the toppings. You can eat it like a biscuit.


I don’t get Pepsi. I’m drinking vanilla coke right now.


Not breaking it properly means having uneven squares of chocolate. Some has more some only has a little part. It’s unfair and it annoys me.


I try my very best to use cutlery to do anything because I’m too lazy to wash my hands. And picking up a spoon with your oily hands to eat afterwards is just a mess. No, tissue doesn’t work.


Apple for life. I left an iMac for the collection. I am objective, though. Android deserves it’s number 1 spot in the handphone world.


I like to control the amount of chilli/ketchup on my fries. Just dallop-ing it around doesn’t mean every fry gets equal proportion too. It’s the unfairness thing again.


Mustard is gross.


Everything has been left at this point, omg. Dogs give you more attention if you give them attention while cats just want to bask in attention and not give anything back. That’s too selfish for me.


I try to look at the prices but I always allow myself to eat what I want and that is so bad for my pocket. I remember at Five & Dime eatery, the most expensive main was the braised pork belly with soba. I got it because it’s braised pork belly.


Can you imagine sleeping with crumbs and waking up with it. Or have the possibility that you might be sleeping with a lizard while it is having its dinner. Nightmare.


I don’t eat a lot a lot, like, I suck at buffets but I don’t eat that little either. I over-eat more than I starve because starving is the worst feeling ever.


What’s bad about melted cheese? Taking it out where it is supposed to be.


Finally. I like the biscuits more.


I gravitate towards coffee more although I do drink tea when I want to cleanse my body and soul (deep is me).


I hate shots. It’s so tiny but it screws you up. Sipping it slowly is good. Keep it classy.


Nobody has time to split them into colour groups.


Sleep is important too. I snack on fruits on some nights.

I just had to escape from stats and this little post from Mandy came along at the right timing.

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October 1, 2014 at 4:32 pm

Things that make us tick

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I made Javis laugh so many times today until he went “YOU ARE SO ADORBZ AND FUNNY HAHAHA.” It wasn’t even face to face, mind you. He found it amusing that I was so into my strategy video game (Age of Mythology). It was so into it when I was young, I’m still into it now. It is going to be the game when I want to escape of assignments for awhile.

Yesterday, we had this moment where the laughter stopped but there were still some of it left over and we looked at each other and just burst out laughing again. I forgot what we were laughing about. It felt so nice.

I’m going to share a few relationship secrets of ours! It’s healthy for my relationship, haha.

  1. We never failed in sending a Thank You message to each other after every date. It’s not just a thank you but a whole list of the things we felt thankful about each other. I’d thank him for feeding me, for sending me home, for making me laugh, for the talks, for picking me up, all these little tiny things. The content depends on the date (duh, omg).Whoever sends who home has to be the one to send it first, haha.
  2. People say saying too much ‘I love you’s is bad, I say that you say it more because that’s how you really feel. Just one ‘I love you’ occasionally is just sad and unappreciative.
  3. Honesty is huge in our relationship. I’d think about the things I have to lie about if I were to hide something so I’d just give up and just ask him before I do something.
  4. Me: “I want this, this and this.”
    Javis: “No!!! You won’t be able to finish! You always over order!!”
    Me: “No I don’t! I can finish it!”
    Javis: “LIES.”
    but gets them for me anyway, haha.
    *didn’t finish the food*
    Javis: “I told you!!!”
    Me: “But I finished the important (expensive) parts!!”
    Irrelevant but I thought it’s a cute break for you guys, haha.
  5. Fight. You’re not a couple if you don’t fight. I need to clear up this misconception that we never fight, lol. We do fight, guys. Not that often, nothing too major that we’d want a break up but we do fight and he’ll give me the silent treatment which drives me crazy.
  6. We don’t give up on each other. I can’t stress this enough. You can be a wreck, you can be crazy, you can be jealous but it’s all going to be okay if the other party doesn’t give up on you. When you say, “Isn’t this the time for you to leave? Like all the others.”, he’ll say, “WHAAAAT? What are you saying? I’ve never thought of leaving you!” That’s what determines forever in our book. You shouldn’t give up on him or her either.

I’m going to go back to my 2500 word lab report.

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September 22, 2014 at 12:02 am

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Best messy bun

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Photo on 15-9-14 at 5.40 pm #6

Photo on 15-9-14 at 5.47 pm

Photo on 15-9-14 at 5.44 pm

My fringe wasn’t falling the right way and my hair is jus a bunch of frizz so I had to bun it up. Long hours made it the perfect messy bun somehow.

I used a second rubber band to secure it because I do not know how bobby pins work, like, it’s magic. I know how to ‘stick’ it into my hair but I don’t know how to secure it and that’s just sad.

This is a scheduled post. It’s 17, Wednesday, 12.30 AM and current celebrity crush is Dylan O’Brien. He was so cute on The Internship and he just had to be gorgeous on the Maze Runner. I can’t stop talking about The Maze Runner. It wasn’t enjoyable because it’s thrilling and I hate thrills but omg, the questions, the rules of the glade, the glade, I love it. I love stories about new people joining in and the ‘seniors’ had to walk the kid through the rules. My favourite part is the explanation. Like Mean Girls when they talk about the different tables in the cafeteria. I like classification and labels in movies because it makes this so much more interesting. Why are there labels? Who labeled them? Why are they in this category and not the other? That includes vampires stories because they have a hierarchy too.

Some more examples are Divergent, The Vampire Academy, The Mortal Instruments, Twilight (shut up), Gossip Girl and Harry Potter. I can’t watch them alone though because I hate anything with suspense and thrills because they give me a heart attack and I do not like the adrenaline rush.

I had no idea this would turn out to be a movie talk. Goodnight everyone.

Written by Denise

September 19, 2014 at 12:22 am


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