A run, finally

Finally got my ass moving and went for a run with Mira. I downloaded this app that automatically tracked any high activity and mapped out my route! I’ll share in on dayre because this is not a place for screenshots.

It was 4.5km in total. Wanted to hit 5km but I was extremely distracted with the installations! Everything was gorgeous and I can’t wait to shoot here at the end of the month!

The sight at CBD always gets to me. I am enraptured by the sights, the smells, the sounds and the sensations all happening there.

I definitely love this way more than the threadmill.


Cafe date!

Kenny and I managed to meet for lunch today! Plus we saw each other at breakfast too cos he came to send me to work.

Made a trip to the nearby cafe because Kenny was sweating after cycling to me. I had the rice with salmon because I needed to eat rice. Kenny had a pizza which was pretty soggy.

I love my salmon though! I thought it was nicely cooked! There were shimeiji mushrooms and an onsen egg too! Everything came together beautifully.

We had a cup of coffee and tea afterwards.

It was all the little things today that made me so happy.

Dinner // Fifty shades freed


Mira and I are down to our last two sessions! Business is dwindling though. There were only 4 of us yesterday.


Had my favourite horfun in the world after Kenny picked me up! Not sure why but I felt that it was a lot yesterday. Still managed to finish it though!

Because it is moonlight horfun you can’t not finish it. It is disrespect if you don’t.

Fifty Shades Freed

It was the most bland movie in the trilogy and the world. The villain was lame and the story plot was really weak. It could be a kids movie but it has r21 scenes. At least that is done and over with.



Kenny made dinner last night and it was so good! Filled with prawns, scallops, crispy salmon skin, flash fried salmon and diced mushrooms on top of Japanese rice.

We would have went for salmon sashimi but they salmon they got, we weren’t that sure it was sashimi grade so we had to flash fry it t be safe.

Kenny is such an amazing cook I swear. He did everything separately.

I would like to add that I did the miso soup haha! Under his instructions of course.

What’s your number?

Ended the night with a romantic comedy “What’s your number”. I’ve wanted to watch it since it came out in 2011 and I finally did it in 2018!

Have never seen Chris Evans in movies other than Captain America. He is gorgeous. And I loved how Chris Pratt appeared several time in that movie because they were lovers then.

He sent me home afterwards hee hee.


Dayre has proved to be a let down so let me see if this works better as a mobile platform.

Really going to miss following those influencers but WordPress is a more private thing for me.

We shall see.


I thought the rains were too unpredictable lately. I wake up to these intense heat and light spilling in to the room ever so harshly but when afternoon comes, the angry thunder storm accompanies.

I was caught in the rain twice over the span of a week. Walked a path that was flooded with water halfway up my feet. My flats so soaked I felt my feet could break through them if I weren’t gentle enough. Went down the stairs, not alone but with this mini waterfall on the sides.

Too lazy to bring an umbrella with me so for both days, I shielded myself with my file.

I can’t decide if I am content with how life is or I should strive for more.

I woke up one day and it was a thunderstorm so I toyed with the idea of getting an MC.


We arrived at a place where the winds were huge. Not the kind of breeze I would have preferred but the kind that messes up your hair but leaves you with this sticky feeling all over your body right after.

We stood by the railings and talked about the difference between canoes and kayaks. I told you I was afraid of capsizing in a canoe. I asked what your secondary school CCA was and it hit me that I do not know after all this while. As usual, you made me guess. So I did and I got it right.

It’s these kind of conversations that makes my heart full. To chat endlessly about anything and everything in the world. Our conversations at that spot felt like.. How do I put this? It is as though you are an entire galaxy and I am one star down to getting to know you better. I’m elated I knew more but it also feels like I have so much more to know as well.

I have about 99.99% more left and I am so excited to go through every single star. I might complete a milky way and I’ll move on to the next lot of milky ways within you.

Until then,