The Sunday Currently Vol. 14


Vancouver Aquarium

R e a d i n g
I am done with the book, Wonder. I love it. I love that the author gave many perspectives as to how August was viewed. There were chapters from his sister, his sister’s boyfriend, his friends, his bully, a sister’s friend. The author even made little changes like not capitalizing the beginning of the letters for the sister’s boyfriend chapter. That chapter was like a whole new person if you get what I mean but in word form. I love little changes like these! It makes reading it from a whole new person’s POV a lot easier!

I just started on The Longest Ride because Simin is pushing me to watch it and I told myself a long time ago that I will read the book first before watching the movie! X loved it and X doesn’t like romance novels all that much. It’s definitely a must read.

I can’t find my little salt shaker bookmark.

L i s t e n i n g
Infinite’s songs because I need to prepare for their concert.

T h i n k i n g
Not sure how I like a new girl in Milkcow because I have been having the time of my life with these girls for 3 whole months. Having 8 new girls in my life is enough.

W i s h i n g
To go to Chewton Glen and have a week stay in their treehouse.

L o v i n g
Innisfree’s eco nail color PRO in the colour 109. I went shopping for my cleanser and I have to walk to the nail polish bar every time. I got two in the past but realize it isn’t really worth the money. $4 is cheap but if you make a comparison to the other bottles like Essie or China Glaze, it’s roughly around the same price. Anyway, for someone who loves the idea of autumn (idea because I’ve never experienced it), I was drawn to this really deep berry shade. I like it’s still red and less purple. The color on my nails is exactly as it is in the bottle. I love Innisfree polishes for their wide brushes because nail polishes don’t streak as much. The formula is amazing as well. It’s my 3rd bottle.

Actually, if you think about it, you are never going to finish an entire bottle of nail polish anyway (at least for me) so 7ml is a good size.

H a t i n g
I wanted to talk about the Sephora’s Formula X top coat and how horrible it was. It dried off really weirdly. Some parts dried matte while the others were glossy. Applying it was alright but I had to go over my nails twice in some parts to make them glossy. I was giving my seche vite a break because I’m almost out of it and just adding thinner to increase the volume isn’t helping.

After my little manicure, I would put cuticle oil (I’ll talk about it next time!) over my nails and rub it in. The oil actually turned some of the matte parts back to glossy so it was okay.

I wouldn’t say I hate it now because it lasts better than the seche vite. I feel that seche vite gives you that glossy gel-like look for maybe 24 hours then it goes really flat and thin. With the Formula X top coat, my nails still look pretty much gel-like. No chip at all and it’s the 5th day since I did my nails.

I judged it too early.

W a n t i n g
A gopro with wifi. Since it is after my birthday I think it’s safe for me to say it so nobody can say I am hinting them or whatsoever. I WOULD NEVER HINT FOR SUCH AN EXPENSIVE PIECE OF TECHNOLOGY.

F e e l i n g
Am an 8 on the happiness scale for reasons.

W a t c h i n g
Zoella’s vlogs. I CAVED AND SUCCUMBED TO IT. I actually hated how long Zoe’s vlogs are because one video lasts around 20 minutes. It terrifies me that just watching 3 vlogs is about an hour gone. It’s longer than anime episodes. Well, Zoella will always be interesting and I guess 20 minutes once every few days ain’t that bad.

M i s s i n g
My little salt shaker bookmark. I can’t even find the Finn and Jake ones.

I’m 22

IMG_4675 2

It’s midnight and I am 22. I don’t say that age is just a number and just pass it off as “just another year older”. Especially when I turned 21. I wanted to make my 21st year a really amazing one and I am glad I did.

I flew 12, 813 kilometres to Canada to live for a month. That’s definitely the biggest trip of my life and moreover, I did it alone. A total of 5 flights and several immigrations to get through with some hiccups that I had to get through on my own. I’m proud. I was scared because I would prefer not to be alone if possible but it’s something I really wanted to give to myself. I can’t make a blog post out of my trip because it’s a month and that makes it really impossible to put everything down. So I’ll leave snippets

I graduated from university after 2 long years so yay.

Just applied for the next step but I’m not sure if I am going to go through with it because life is good at the moment. Of course I can’t live like this for long so I am going to cherish all the freedom I am having now. People ask, “Why not a full time job?”. Sorry, a monthly salary of maybe 2.5k to 3k isn’t worth the lack of freedom. I want to work when I want to, leave when I want to, have unlimited days of holidays while I am still young. Of course, I’ll tie myself down to a full time job some day and I will make sure it brings me joy and commit myself to that organization but for now, all I want is time. Time to wake up late, time to head home early and nap, time to let me know know to handle my time properly.

I was a little bit conflicted with continuing with one of my teaching jobs but I got over it. I don’t want to be part of the strawberry generation. Sure, I’m going to be someone special one day but I’m not going to leave my responsibilities just because a kid annoys me. I don’t want to be easily bruised like 3/4 of my generation. As in, just for this work section of my life. I’m still quite of a strawberry because I think I should “travel when I am young” and I “shouldn’t be tied down”. If I belong to the X generation, I would have probably threw myself into a job that brings in the moolah and just commit to what life is supposed to be.

I have a rant about the strawberry generation that I will make soon but I’m not going to ruin this post with it.

Onward with the 22nd year!

Remember when I was your boat and you were my sea? (Part 2)






Sorry for the uneven edits. It bothers me as well. By @theboneyone

I heard a story. It’s a story about lying to someone you love for the same amount of time you are together. Let’s take that it is 5 years. It baffles me as to how could someone find the effort to lie for 5 years. Wasn’t it tiring? Didn’t you had to build up more lies on top of the others? When the truth came out that night, it demolished the dreams of the person you love. Maybe you finally found the right time or feel that they deserve the truth but, wow, I was astounded at the effort to hide everything from them. Maybe you were afraid of hurting them or just plainly avoiding the foreseeable conflicts. That’s cowardice at its highest.

X: “I’m at location A but if Y calls, tell them I’m at location B.”

It’s giving an unbaked cake and slathering it with fondant and icing so it looks good and seemingly perfect but it’s disgusting once you put it in your mouth. The effort it took to slather all that sugar

It’s October now. I love October. Autumn would have been my favourite season if we had seasons.

p/s When I put 3 years, it was a random number to me because I didn’t want to put the actual number up there. It has nothing to do with me. 

The Sunday Currently Vol. 13


Vancouver Aquarium where they also had a rainforest exhibit. That’s where I met this lovely couple.

L i s t e n i n g
Infinite’s hit songs, mostly. I can just have the playlist on repeat and there is no song I am tired of. Love Letter is my favourite at the moment.

T h i n k i n g
I left a quote on my Dayre, “When you compare, the one you compare to, wins.” It’s a bunch of irony because there is still comparing in the sentence about who wins. I hope everybody got the irony I was going for, if not, here is a revelation, haha. It could symbolize how there is no chance of ever not comparing, or it could just remind you to not compare with anyone else because you are your own winner. Why would you want to give anyone else that title?

W i s h i n g
To see my seaview from my flat again.

L o v i n g
Colour Lip Last in the Sephora collection. Mine is in the shade N06. It’s a dusty pink and it dries matte. It looked really gorgeous when I swatched it on my hand. I never walk towards the Sephora collection’s make up because I always felt it is of a lousier quality than the other brands in store. Kangling was checking them out so I went to and found this baby. The shade is not my favourite after applying it on my lips because it’s a lot darker than I would have liked it. I thought I could be a dupe for one of my Revlon Lip Butters but no, it’s too dark. However, I love the formula. Once it is on, it stays. It stayed even after I ate my dinner. My lips felt dry after 6-8 hours of it because it is matte so I’ll always use a lip balm or vaseline on my lips first.

N e e d i n g
People to stop being all insensitive when someone talks about something they love.

X: “Omg, I love this show. It’s amazing and I am attached to it for life.”
Y: “I watched it. Meh. It wasn’t that good. The plot sucked.”

I get that it’s a difference of opinions but try not to bash what people love in such a harsh way. It’s like, they see a coin as gold and valuable but you see it as some cheap metal. You don’t smash it in front of their eyes.

I write these things to remind others, but that does not mean I don’t do those. I do do those things but it’s usually on purpose because it was done to me or I saw it being done on others.

F e e l i n g
Fit! Trying to workout 3 days straight a week and I have been successful! I want to do a post on what I do soon!

W a t c h i n g
Hi school love on.

M i s s i n g
Bo-ssam. I want to eat some right now.

I wrote this on Thursday and I scheduled it cos it’s for Sundays and nobody wants two posts in a day. 

You might get hit by a bus


Vancouver Aquarium

One way I am terribly afraid to die from is a car accident. Every time I cross the roads, I’d think of that possibility. It’s the worst, in my opinion.It’s not the same as dying from sickness where your loved ones, or anybody in general, can try to prepare for. Let’s say you are heading to work and that happens. In that day, you might be seen by your colleagues as someone who skipped work. Someone that caused someone else to stand in for you at the last minute.

Or what if you are going to meet someone. That person might think you stood them up.

Maybe it’s not the accident that scares me but the inconvenience of it and the misunderstandings afterwards. You don’t usually think that someone died because they didn’t show up.

I remember the two times it almost happened. One was when I was 14. I was crossing the road to my bus stop from a friend’s house. The road a two way street but I had no idea. I watched out for the further lane and not the one I had to walk across first. I started walking and this giant truck honked at me and swerved to avoid me. The way I put it makes it seem really gentle but he actually went off his lane and to the other one. It was a white truck. The man didn’t scream at me, thank goodness. Usually they would and curse at you for seeking death. He told me to be more careful. I thanked him and crossed the road.

The other was when I was 15. I left school and had to cross the road to get to my bus stop. I met a friend while waiting for the light to turn green. It’s the road with four lanes where two lanes each go to opposite directions. You know how we always start to walk when we see the red light for the cars appear instead of the green light for us to walk? I did that and only the red light for the further lane appeared. I started to walk and a double decker bus 143 honked really loudly because it was going at a really fast speed. A friend pulled me back by my shirt just in time and asked if I was in my right mind.

To me, these stories just meant it isn’t time for me to die yet. I always wonder when that’ll be.

I’m watching a drama about an angel who gets notified about who is going to die. She has to wait for that person to die then bring his or her soul to heaven. I was watching it for Woohyun but I guess this drama has a different pull now. It’s still mostly for Woohyun, though.

I’m healing and feeling better than ever (part 1)

IMG_4663 2

IMG_4672 2 copy

IMG_4681 copy

IMG_4686 copy

Photos by @theboneyone. Jo’s expensive fairy lights were the accessory for this shoot. Copper is bendy so we were able to wrap them around me and the lightbulbs didn’t heat up too. We struggled with it at first because we had to find the correct placing for the individual bulbs so my face can be seen. The photos turned out beautifully in the end. The shutter speed was low enough to capture the right amount of light. Also, I must commend the 35mm. The blur at the back is so freakin’ amazing. Again, I’m really proud of both of us. Mostly Jo, actually, for capturing such gorgeous photos and bringing ideas to life.

“I was never one to patiently pick up broken fragments and glue them together again and tell myself that the mended whole was as good as new. What is broken is broken, and I’d rather remember it as it was at its best than mend it and see the broken pieces as long as I lived”
—Margaret Mitchell

This road to healing myself was easier than the previous ones. I made sure we weren’t one from the start. We were always two separate beings because it’s never healthy for two people to be one. You forget how to function on your own after the other person is gone. I didn’t want that for us. I learnt how to love myself and put myself first after 16 years old. You can never love someone properly if you can’t even take care of yourself. I love myself too much to let myself fall into the dark abyss; to let myself wallow in self pity when I can do things to make myself better.

It’s always mind over matter for me and I like that.

Anyway, I’m excited for the upcoming shoots. It’s not about modelling. It’s about bringing ideas together and ending up with something beautiful. I can’t wait for it.

Congratulations, you are unbelievable

I can’t make the video smaller so

JYP debuted a new group. Eunice told me they have been getting a lot of hype even though they debuted for less than two weeks. We decided to check them out at work one day. This is Day 6 and they are a band. It’s usually FNC who produces bands but I was never that into FT Island or CN Blue.

It’s unusual for rookie groups to have over a million views in such a short time and moreover, it’s a band.

I mentioned at the Night Festival that it was the first time I really listened to a band live. I saw Day 6’s live showcase and they have really good vocals and I fell in love with how much they were into the music. It’s different from boy groups with all the dances. I have no words to describe it.

Anyway, I heard this song first and I felt that it wasn’t that bad. They included the captions which was really helpful. It’s the lyrics that got me hooked. It’s about a break up where the guy was left hanging because the girl said they needed to take a break but she fell in love with someone else. He is hurt that their relationship was treated like nothing because she got together with someone else so easily. To people who moved on so easily, you can have a view from the perspective of the person you left.

I love how the ‘congratulations’ is sarcastic in the entire video. English songs never have as much depth than songs in Korean or Chinese. However, if you sing the translated lyrics in English it would sound really weird. I can’t really complain, then.

I understand the feelings portrayed in the song. I understand it all too well.

Oh, God knows how much I am into this song right now.