Where do I draw the line

Sometimes I think I take it too far that I get confused as well. Now that’s something I’ll need to handle all over again.

Woke up feeling like shit today. Isn’t alcohol supposed to make you sleep more though. Okay now I wouldn’t say I woke up since I barely slept a wink last night.

Thank you all who cared.





It’s such a mess right now. I’m trying to put the pieces back into place. I had a whale of a time, not maintaining whatever it is there to maintain. Then, I saw it all come down.

Wait for me.

you said it’s okay
you said it’s fine

I’ll believe you

The Sunday Currently Vol. 23

I’m better off

R e a d i n g
I haven’t been reading the past week but I borrowed two books today.

L i s t e n i n g
Goodbye by G.E.M

T h i n k i n g
“You cheapened yourself, Denise. You allowed your value to be dropped.”

W i s h i n g
Oh what I wouldn’t wish for right now.

L o v i n g
Innisfree’s Camellia essential hair oil serum. Mel recommended it like a month ago but I wasn’t done with my extraordinary hair oil. She has extremely long hair and IT HAS ZERO TANGLES AND IT’S REALLY SOFT. So once I emptied that bottle (plus it is way too expensive to replace) I went straight to get it. I actually stopped using the L’oreal hair oil for a few weeks because it’s really oily and the ends of my hair turned to grass.

It’s amazing. I use it before I blow dry my hair because the directions say to use it on towel dried hair. My hair is super soft now. YES MY HAIR WHICH WAS BLEACHED TWICE.

I love the aunty who does my face too. She took out every single blackhead I got since the last time I saw her which was about 6 months? I think she took out about a hundred. I SAW IT. Susan Tia. She is amazing I swear.

H a t i n g
Myself. How I make decisions and the amount of people calling me stupid and asking me to wake up is.. a wake up call for me.

W a n t i n g
I’m feeling torn between marketing and the science industry. I want to learn biology and chemistry. Bring me back. Why the hell did I take up psychology. Half the people on youtube have a psychology degree.

F e e l i n g
Happy and loved. My friends freaking love me and what I wouldn’t do for you all.

“You said you’ll be here for me so I’ll be there for you too.”

M i s s i n g
Working out. I stopped for a week and MY AB LINES ARE ALMOST GONE.

Hi, mom

My mom told me she is getting really little sleep because she has to keep going to the hospital to visit my popo after work and that hospital is far away from home. When she comes home, she has housework to do. She usually sleeps around 2am to 3am but I guess she is sleeping a little later now? I have no idea because I don’t stay up that late.

My uncles told her to stop coming down because she stays really far away while her other siblings all stay up north. My brother and I told her to stop doing that and go on alternate days instead.

I don’t think she is going to listen to us.

I told her being at her age is scary. She has to work, she has to take care of her parents, she has to take care of her own family.

She is a superwoman, that woman. She deserves flowers. She deserves a lot. I didn’t prepare flowers this year. I told myself that I am too busy. Excuses. I’ll buy them this week and it’ll be a surprise.

I remind her almost everyday that she is lucky, though. That her first child came out looking so much like her and has a pretty face.

I like calling myself pretty in front of her because calling myself that is telling her she is pretty too in a really indirect and self absorbed manner.

Buying the flowers tomorrow because I remembered my brother asking me to get a bouquet for his girlfriend. I need to get one for his graduation as well. I like flowers. They don’t last but I still love receiving them. So fleeting but holds so much love that someone thought about you enough to give them to you.

Some think sending flowers are a waste of money. I guess I’ll need to send them flowers.

I like to eat prawns but I don’t like catching them

So what you do is that you find someone who would drive you there and catch them for you. Both of us wore commando tees too. Didn’t realise his S7 edge was there, should have kicked it down HAHA. I’m kidding. I shouldn’t be this bad to someone who caught all 16 prawns (YEAH IT WAS A SUCKY NIGHT) on Friday night.

“Oh my god I am damn useless.”
Ya you are. Just be useless and sit down.

I didn’t catch the prawns, I didn’t release them from the hooks, I didn’t wash them, I didn’t cook them.

I ate them though and they were good. They provide chilli too. THEIR CHILI (ok doesn’t chilli has double Ls? What the heck, spell check) WAS SO ADDICTIVE. It’s soooo spicy but I kept dipping the prawns in. So I was telling him that

“Eating this is like, liking a bad boy.”

Isn’t it? You know it’s bad but you continue with it anyway.

Then we had ke kou mian afterwards cos the cck hater (me) has never tried it before. It was alright but I get the hype. It’s really homely.

Salted caramel, prawning, kkm; it was a good night thanks to you!

The hand series





My first time with navy blue nails. I took this on the bus when I was too bored and thought my fingers looked pretty.

when you’re everything I don’t want
is it sad for you or for me?

you’re everything I don’t need
I’m pretty sure of that



why am I still caught up in this game for two


Gray areas are fine now

you make me feel alive
so much more than I have ever felt
how long this will last, I’m not sure
but till then, I’m glad this happened

so be it, whatever that comes our way
if we are not meant to be
it’ll be okay