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Burnaby, BC.

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Ever since I got here I got 0 motivation to update this space. Maybe it is because I’m in another environment, another time zone. My entire routine is knocked off at once.

My Sunday is not your Sunday, well, at least, not for most of you, anyway. I’ll probably only continue the SC series after I come back because I didn’t bring any books with me!

My aim for this trip is to not look at all the places of interest in Vancouver, Burnaby area, but to live like a Canadian. I want to see how they live, how they eat, how their transport works, all these little things. I’m slowly getting used to tipping. It’s kind of annoying because in Singapore only big shots tip but it’s a culture to tip at least 10% here. The first cafe I went I totally forgot and I had to put some coins in the tip jar when he was nearby so he would notice. Oh, and if you are ordering a takeaway, you don’t have to tip because they don’t serve you. So when I got my juice, I actually asked the barista if I should tip (obviously they would say yes) so I just tipped them. …

I’ve been to a few lakes and parks around here which are just gorgeous.

Sometimes the weather gets really cold that I wear jeans, boots and my knitted cardigan. However, because it is knitted, when the wind blows, it still chills my skin and omg, it’s just super cold. We went out today when it was about 6am which I am guess is 14° to 15°. Not even my aircon goes that low.

I’m amazed that many places don’t have aircon and they have heaters instead. The amount of electricity they save. It’s cooling once you open all the windows. I came across a huge male mosquito too. It was so huge I thought it was a dragonfly but Sam said that’s how big male mosquitoes are here. Male mosquitoes don’t suck your blood but their presence still irks us. Feeling amazed with Sam because she managed to kill it while whining and complaining about how much she doesn’t want to do it. She did ask her father to help but he told her to solve it on her own, HAHA.

It’s week 2, a a thursday! Very soon it will be week 3 then another week before I end my stay here and go back to Singapore. Dreading the weather back there. I really really abhor Singapore’s temperature. I only bathe once a day here because I don’t sweat at all. I HAVE YET TO PERSPIRE. The temperature is rising but it still remains cold in the mornings and evenings which I love. I accidentally bought an ice cold smoothie while walking along West Georgia in 15° weather. I think my fingers froze.

I’ll update whenever I can! I’m happy here! I update regularly on Dayre though ‘cos typing on the phone is more handy. Is that a pun?

Looking forward to strawberry picking next week! And I’m really lucky because it hasn’t rained but I saw the weather forecast and it’s going to rain next Monday so I am hopeful!

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May 29, 2015 at 7:46 am

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Aide De Camp – Valencia

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Here is the best camera bag in the world.

IMG_7383 copy

IMG_7385 copy

IMG_7388 copy

IMG_7389 copy

IMG_7405 copy

IMG_7408 copy

IMG_7402 copy

I am in love with it. It fits so so many things and has so many compartments to fit my things in! Besides my camera, I can fit my laptop and my iPad!

Javis got it for me as a surprise and I just. Died. I was planning to get it myself because it is definitely pricey and I don’t think I can get it before Canada so I was planning to get it for the UK. I was at Javis’ house one day and he brought out this giant box. He said it was a present for US so I was thinking something like what he gave me for Christmas which was he got us couple tom shoes! Haha! When I found out what it was I hugged the box for a good 10 minutes until Javis told me to get off because the box will crush it under my weight.

Yuanyi has been raving so much about it and she got hers on her anniversary with Yangzhan! Javis told me he got me as a random present but I would like to think it is because of our 1000th day, haha. I received it around April?

SUPER DUPER HAPPY I AM GOING TO BRING IT TO CANADA! Yuanyi was actually planning to lend me hers (before she even has a chance to use it) to Canada and I was like, of course not!!! I wasn’t going to lug someone’s anniversary gift around, haha!

This will be my carry on and I have fit everything that is necessary for the plane in this bag. THE VIDEO WILL WOW YOU LIKE HOW I WOW-ED ME.

It’s sold out right now so lucky me!


Tell me it’s not the most amazing bag ever for a photographer. YOU CAN’T. I love it to bits and pieces. Yuanyi and my favourite part is the part where you can hook it over the luggage handle. ISN’T THAT THE COOLEST?

So I love it. It’s 1.20 and I have 4 hours left to just prepare everything.

I wanted to thank people here for the past few months but I actually did it on my Dayre! I had a new offer for a job yesterday and it’s kind of huge and I am not very sure about it yet! Canada should be exciting and life coming back will be full of excitement as well!

Life is too short to dwell on the shortcomings of what life has thrown at you. Make your own rainbow instead of waiting for one to come out.

I know I missed out The Sunday Currently and it’s because I was too busy running away from my responsibilities! Hahaha! I slept the entire Sunday away because I didn’t want to pack. I’ll continue the series over in Canada!

It’s 15 hours backwards over there friends so when you are sleeping, I will be awake! Hopefully I won’t be jet lagged, oh my gosh.

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May 19, 2015 at 1:29 am

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3 shades (part 3)

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I love them all. I think Jo just took 5 shots and I decided to post all five of them.

Why wait for someone to call you pretty when you can tell yourself that.

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May 15, 2015 at 3:31 pm

This love is sewn

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I don’t usually bring Javis out to meet my friends because I know he isn’t the kind to socialize, unlike me. But I am not the best at integrating my friends as well. This group of mine has been bugging to meet him for close to 3 years. Javis finally agreed to show up to one! I love that our group is made up of mostly extroverts because we try to make every comfortable. Javis was probably most receptive to Ash and we clapped for her every time she made him speak or laugh.

I regret being all exclusive. THIS GROUP IS AWESOME because they personally ask me if it is okay to bring their plus ones and this probably shows how demanding I am but ever since we got together with our other halves and the guys went in to army, there isn’t a time where it’s just the 8 of us. I am so touched by all their actions because they didn’t like force their way through and thought of my feelings. I AM OKAY GUYS, I JUST WANTED A DAY WHEN IT IS JUST US!

I made more of an effort and it was easy to get along with all the others. More barbecues.

Speaking of groups, I want to thank Christopher because on Hi Club Opening night, he asked why I don’t turn up for Chubby Bunny events anymore. I am super inactive but those words really touched me. I hope you read my blog! Thank you for acknowledging my presence and that it still matters. I miss Skyler too actually, haha. I remember our long heart to heart while walking to the super far away barbecue pit in 2014(?). I hope I’ll find the motivation to go for one soon!

Thankful for the groups in my life.

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May 12, 2015 at 1:11 am

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The Sunday Currently Vol. 5

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R e a d i n g
The First Phone Call From Heaven. I didn’t have anytime to read this week. I forbade myself to bring it out too because I’ll definitely read it than study.

W r i t i n g
I have nothing to write. I should just remove this question for next posts.

L i s t e n i n g
I Need You by Bangtan Boys. It is so good that I have been listening to it on repeat for the past week. They worked hard and finally got some wins even though they were up against Big Bang.

T h i n k i n g
Don’t critics have such a sad life? All they do is pick on things and judge everything and everyone. People who love to hate on things, I pity you. What happened in your life that made you think you are better than everyone else.

S m e l l i n g
I’m going to remove this question too because I don’t have smells around me. I wish I could say I am burning a candle but I am not.

W i s h i n g
That I didn’t pick job 1 over job 2 tomorrow because job 2 is actually giving me way more money.

H o p i n g
That my father’s surgery goes smooth on Tuesday!

W e a r i n g
Freshmen Orientation Week facilitators t shirt and fbts.

L o v i n g
THE BABYLISS 42MM. After taking away 2-3 inches of my hair because I was growing grass, hair pointing in different directions looks even messier.

W a n t i n g
Some fresh fruits please. Some super ripe watermelon and papaya.

N e e d i n g
Some more time.

F e e l i n g
Good ‘cos I kept up my mothers day traditions by giving a flower to all the mother figures in my life.

C l i c k i n g
Thanks to Kangling I went mad in Zalora. I didn’t buy anything but my wishlist is looking like Santa’s list for the good kids.

Pitch Perfect 2 was awesome as predicted. I’m at episode 3 of Pinocchio now and it’s so so good. The father just called and asked if I want anything to eat. Blessed is Denise.

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May 10, 2015 at 6:15 pm

End of another chapter

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It’s the end of another chapter for me. I had my last quiz of the semester. Of my entire degree, actually. Well, not really sure I am going to pass overall yet but more or less, it’s a pass. Then it will be even more concrete.

I remember when I was at Mac on Thursday night, I knew the day is just going to fly by and that would be the end of school. I am excited for the work and money that is coming. I am excited for all the stay home Korean and Taiwanese dramas I am going to watch. I’m excited for all the brush lettering I am going to do (I actually got asked to do a collab with other brush lettering artists but more on that story soon!). I’m excited for my travels.

I really don’t feel like going to Korea during winter because as much as I want to experience winter, I don’t want to be freezing. If Korea is out of the picture, maybe Australia in November? However, if I am going to end up in Australia for my honors, then that trip would feel like an extra expense? I don’t know. Or I could just save the money for trips to Exeter!

I’m excited for the naps I can take any time I want and not feel guilty about not studying. I’m excited for so many things to come actually.

However, school’s out for about a year. UK starts in september but I have no wish to go back to school life so early so it’ll be next year. If I get into an UWA, it’ll be February or March. School is something safe because that’s all I have been doing since 3. Safe can’t make you grow.

I’ll miss the routine of having school. Honors probably won’t feel like school because it’s just doing this mega huge research. Well, I am still a student until April 2016 so school life is unofficially over.

I think I’m feeling anxious because every day is a step closer to working forever. Another qualification but not really sure I will be doing what I aim to do.

I’ll be contented with what I have and live life right now.

Canada in 10 days. I can’t believe it’s nearing. A month in a whole new country, out of Asia. I wanted to make my 21st year memorable and this will be it.

I always have my fortune told at the start of the year and I’ve never had a bad year so mine is always $12. If your year is going to be bad, they would ask for more money (non-believers please shut up) to save you and it goes like, $8, $12, $28 and all the 8s. Ji Gong said this year is extremely good for me.

It’s May and life has been nothing short of amazing. I’m thankful for all that has happened.

Extremely addicted to snapchat lately. User: deniseleeeee

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May 9, 2015 at 1:09 am

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Talk about #17

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I skip some Talk Abouts if I don’t have a proper or interesting story to give.

Talk about someone you want to be friends with.

Amy Schumer. SHE. MAKES. ME. LAUGH. This video might be abit sensitive omg I don’t think I have laughed so much at a Music Video before. ONLY FOR PEOPLE WHO CAN TAKE IT.


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May 5, 2015 at 10:30 pm

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