Saving me

Facial with Aunty Melody in Yishun.
1/4 torture. 1/2 pampered. 1/4 lunch at Swenson’s.

Job hunting with Jamie in Vivo.
1/4 job hunting. 3/4 shopping.

Pool and dinner with Denise, PH, Wendy and Royston in Marina Square and Suntec :) (Yeah. Two couples over there, haha)
1/5 Got hounded by a promoter. 2/5 Pool. 2/5 Dinner, pepper lunch.

I kept going between the purple and red line. Ah. I was late meeting Jamie. And I was late again to meet the rest. Lol. Well, I had fun :D I feel guilty deceiving the promoter, though. But no way was I going to spend 35$ on bath salt and 38$ on a cleanser.


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