So I went lan today with Jamie. I played Audition. Although I’m very happy that everything is still intact, it’s embarassing, lol. People with lives don’t play multi player online games . Heard it from somewhere. Anyway, then Isaac and Nic popped up from behind. They went for lunch. Then after awhile we went for lunch at Ayer Rajah. I swear I didn’t know where they went for lunch then both of them walked passed us. Yay, Isaac and I agreed it’s fate :)

That’s so.. haha.
Then Nic said they had to bathe and go to work and so, he took Isaac home with him :( Stealer. Lol.

Going for a three day two nights stay at Fairmont soon :)


11 thoughts on “Scarfs.

    1. Hahaha. So so lah. I want school to start! Adhi like, enjoying life in Sp already :( Anyway, I got a job. First time, alone. INDEPENDENT RIGHT. Lol.

    1. 12th to 13th got some orientation camp. I think officially start on 19th, lol. O_O You next year A levels already of course must push. Siao. 2.4 everytime. So the next time I see you, you must be very miao tiao already :D

  1. i buy,are u going back on tues?i think i am going back to collect my testimonial.if u are going back,then i can see you:)

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