All the way.

I went to Ngee ann very early in the morning. Handed up the forms then went to Isaac’s house. His mother was just about to leave so she opened the door for me :D (Isaac’s still sleeping lor). We took a cab to Ngee ann.

Okay, that’s one cab.

Collected my laptop. Weeeeee. Pretty. Took a cab to my house to put the laptop and stuff there.

That’s two cabs.

Took a bus to Suntec. Went to…… Some Chinese restaurant. Xiao long bao again :) :) :) And they have pork belly too! Ate yogurt from Yami Y at the Sky Garden. Then took a cab home because we didn’t know where the bus stop is, lol.

That’s three cabs.

And that’s how we spent our money :( Cab cab cab.

Thank you, Isaac, for collecting the laptop with me :)


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