If I could turn back time.

I’ve been listening to Nickleback songs the whole day. Half a day to be more exact.

And about the injection, no, I didn’t cry, lol. But I do need to go back another two more times. So my arm felt ‘sour’ the whole day.

I want to get my testimonial already. I bet Mr Andy will mention the dislocating-the-arm incident. Thank you, dance mates who said you will remember me forever because of how my arm looked when it dislocated.. I know Yingxin is one of them. Jamie said I was cool ‘cos I didn’t cry. It’s only because it didn’t break, lol. If it did break(Ahhh, I don’t even want to think about this) I think, even by now, I wouldn’t have recovered.

I cried in the ambulance though. The pain was only a 2 on a scale of 1 to 10 so I didn’t cry because of it, and you shouldn’t ask how did a girl’s arm got dislocated when she’s wearing a costume. OBVIOUSLY, she wouldn’t care much about the pain when her performance was today. And did I mention I broke my arm on the day of SYF? Yeah, I did. So anyway, think of those that need to change dance steps the last minute :( :( :( :( I know Mengfung, Szeqian ande Yingxin cried for me :( :( :( AGNES NEVER CRY :/

But you know, I didn’t see how my arm looked like. I didn’t dare. It’s like gore without the blood :(

I went to the performance after I got my arm in a sling. I cried throughout the whole performance :( A woman beside me still offered me tissue. Thanks, although you won’t ever see this.

Went back to school and the news of the breaking the arm spread like wild fire. That’s exaggerating, lol. My entire class knew because of a group of classmates(Yeah, Isaac was one of them). And when focus was over, they surrounded me, semi-circle type. Like, they just want to look from a distance and dare not come close.

Then, went with a group of friends to Fish and co. We wanted to celebrate the end of our training. They wanted to cancel because of the arm(?), I think, lol. But we went in the end. Jamie paid :) We did return her the money, okay, lol.

And for two weeks, hell and heaven. But we’ll leave that for another day.

Yes, I miss everyone.


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