Never gone.



Happy birthday, Mom. I’m not going to say things like “THANKS FOR ALL THE THINGS THAT YOU DID…I LOVE YOU” here because she’s never going to read it. I’m not that type of person, behind and off the screen. Okay, sometimes behind the screen, lol. And most of the time, people who write that, ends with this “:P” emoticon. Alright, that was just useless info.

I. Can’t. Wait. For. Camp! Excited :) You know how people always write “I don’t want to go for camp… How I wish I could die right now” or something like that. Then, when they got back from camp, they go “CAMP WAS AWESOME. Why did it have to end :(” all those. I’ve read many posts like that.

But that’s like a week away. Maybe my excitement for it will disappear and so will my $15. I don’t usually get excited. I have never liked camps. Force us to rough it out and stuff. Play funny games(That weirdly, you find fun after you tried it once). I’ve tried to skip camps during my last 10 years of schooling :) Wasn’t always successful for the compulsory camps.


6 thoughts on “Never gone.

  1. I also cant wait for camp!!! its next week. :D
    But school means, lesser time to meet up w you & wendy! :(
    We havent gone bowling yet, must organise an outing again soon. Jiayous for camp, i cant wait to see you again!


    from DENISE to DENISE.

    1. HAHAHA. Yeah :( BUT WE HAVE HOLIDAYS :) Lol. You guys beat me at pool, you can beat me at bowling, lol. I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE YOU AGAIN TOO!

      From Denise to Denise :D

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