Blah blah blah.

Okay. I have exactly 15 minutes to edit photos and kinda sorta describe my Thursday. And by editing, I meaning, resizing.

Agnes accompanied me to Ngee ann to get some shirt. I don’t like it. Went to Tanglin to get Agnes’ testimonial. Took a bus to Jurong East. Yuanyi waited 30 minutes or so for us, lol. Sorry.
We ordered 3 plates of this from Din Tai Fung
And this. Yuanyi has never tried XLB before so we made her take two. Funniest lunch ever. All Agnes’ fault :/

Watched Date Night. Steve Carell and Tina Fey. It’s was hilarious and a mischievous mistake got both of them into trouble.

Took an mrt to Vivo for dessert at Swensons.

Waffle with vanilla ice-cream and strawberries.

Syrup-y strawberries that came with the waffle. Both of them don’t like it so yay. Lol. Not that I ate the entire bowl.

We ordered topless five too. That Agnes kept wanting to block my camera’s view. SEE.

Mint, cookies and cream, vanilla, milo and run and raisin. Both of them gave up chocolate for me :) And I didn’t have much of the milo.

Took a bus to Yuanyi’s house and we mostly watched tv and look tired.

I would show Agnes’ face but she will kill me. I haven’t receive photos from Yuanyi yet so this was the best I can come up with. Just wait. YOUR FACE WILL BE UP HERE. To Agnes.

I did it in 20 minutes. Woo. Going to attend Achievers’ Day. I’m changing the date of this post.


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