No air.

Lets just skip the camp and induction program.

Isaac over yesterday and we went to Vivo after that.

Kaiyan’s coming over today to do some research.

I’m losing my self confidence.

Lets hope the worst doesn’t happen.

*Everything is fine now :)


2 thoughts on “No air.

  1. BABY! HAHA, i missed you like crazy. How’re you? hows camp? My orientation camp SUCKS, :S i skipped the 2nd day of camp (which is today :D ) superbly boring for mine.Hows yours? :(

    wahhhh,got a post specially for isaac huh! hahaha, i saw it :D i hate camps alot too! Oh well, school started for you alrd?:) takecare babe, im gonna see you real soon!

    1. Ah I MISSED YOU LIKE CRAZY TOO! :( I think we are very, er, same. I SKIPPED MY 2ND DAY OF CAMP TOO. 太像了! LOL. Agree. It was so very boring without any good friends around :(

      LOL. You have a lot of happy posts with ph too :) Hahah, camps with no friends are no fun! Mine’s starting on the 19th. Yeah, see you soon Denise :D

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