Live like we’re dying.




Just a tiny update.

For the Sports and Wellness module, I chose yoga. Some entered because it is slack but I entered because it helps us spiritually. LOL. I’m not convincing you people, am I, haha. But really, my first week has been very stressful so I DO need yoga.

I joined Ambassadors. Two more interviews.

Liking poly life, not liking poly life. I’m kind of like, sitting on the fence actually. Yes, it has been really fun with my really wonderful classmates and ex classmates. I love bumping into ex classmates! I bumped into Jiale and Fabian in the library. Before Isaac came and interrupt my project meeting. Lol. Kidding. Thanks for coming to find me. I lent him my laptop :) For the dislike part, I don’t like the lecturers showing us what is due in like, 6-7 weeks and they just let us choose when to start. I don’t really know how to explain all of this but it’s just irritating. What if I were to forget all about it?

I went to Kallang Leisure Park with my father and Demi. Bought a secondhand book and went to East Coast Park. I was at the starting of East Coast Park, beside the canal(or huge drain, whatever you call it) so it was very quiet. Very peaceful and there are huge trees. I’m going to bring like, 10 books there next time, haha.

Going to do the last few touch ups on my presentation. I hate looking people in the eyes. Yes, it’s a really bad habit.

Take care, Isaac and family :)


4 thoughts on “Live like we’re dying.

  1. haha tt’s y it’s poly. very flexible.
    up to you when to start, as long as you get it done..
    so you can slack till 1week it’s due, or finish up now and then relax like mad.. (=

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