Send it on.

(11:29 PM) Glеии: That’s what friends are for man
Embarrass each other
(11:29 PM) Denise: LOL!
(11:29 PM) Glеии: and your embarrass spell wrong

So. Touching! In a way, I mean, lol. But damn it, he is still humiliating me and stuff..



Charmaine bought me this from Taiwan. Thank you very much! The package of the malted sugar is so unique! When Kangling saw it she was like, “You inject the sugar into you?!” + the shock expression. SHE IS SO CUTE CAN. So innocent. Like her face HAHAHA.

I’ve been drinking ribena after lunch for a few days. However, I still don’t know how much it costs, hahaha. Thanks for the treat Jeremy, Kris, on different days. Today was Junxiong. FIRST TIME he treated me something. Must buy ribena myself next time, I promise or ask “You guys want drinks or not? I help you buy”. Then don’t ask them to pay. That always works.

AND I FINALLY SAW KST. Hahaha. I miss calling her ‘Meow’. Junxiong and her kept complaining I eat slow during lunch :( I tried my best already!


Dear Angel(LOL) whoever you are,

If you ever read this, thanks for the chocolates but I can’t eat them. You are the best ‘cos I think I’m the only mortal that received chocolates HAHAHA. And you forgot to peel off the price tag LOL.

I gave those chocolates out in class today and my tube of mentos :) Okay for the mentos, I ate like 3/4 of it and Kangling took one. That’s it, haha. Half a tube of chocolates left.

Today, Liting made Kangling and I laugh until our stomachs hurt.

Now, I’m having a conversation with Ya Xun, Winston and Glenn(my classmate not the Tanglin one). Very……… LOL. Nothing, hahaha.

And Ily, Isaac. No more cookies :(


6 thoughts on “Send it on.

  1. hey babe!!!! hahaha. i also have a classmate named Glenn in my class.OMG, totally similar mannnn.Hahaha, how are you?:D

    1. LOL. Too much in common already HAHAHA. Fine fine. WANT EAT SUSHI ONE OF THESE DAYS? Wendy said we find the time then tell her :)

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