(6:21 PM) Nicholas |-): u take things too seriousl lor

I know lah I know. I stress myself too much.

P/s He just said that ‘cos I don’t laugh at the annoying orange’s joke -_-


4 thoughts on “

    1. EXACTLY. HE’S LAME. I’m fineeeeee. I replied you in that last comment. Go see go see :D I’m damn stressed. I should have went nursing.

  1. Is it! Haha,sorry uhh.Im getting older by the minute,memory also shortening by the minute.Haha :) sorry!

    Okay :D why are you stressed?too many things to memorize?:( HAHA,nursing!??!?! are you sure?!? haha,yeah. orange’s 15minutes of fame would be up soon. (we hope !!)

    1. LOL. I’m older okay! It’s okay :)

      No. It’s a lot of projects :( I’m drowning in them. Save meeeeeeeee. HAHAA NO LAH. HHAHA. I’m just exaggerating LOL.

      Yes let’s hope! So not funny unless you are in the very lame mood.

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