Cold as you.


Yesterday’s post was damn emo. Tsk. I might as well say sorry for living but I’m not going to, hahahaha.

Webcam-ed with Isaac a few days ago. Yesterday, webcam-ed with Jeremy. Kept saying how messy his hair was and used the webcam to make his hair. OH YA. Like Isaac. Only Isaac won’t say how messy his hair is and instead, say things like he is good-looking no matter what :/ Only he thinks that way :/

Oh and Jeremy center parted his fringe, HAHAHA.

I don’t want to write an essay about feet binding. I don’t want to write 1200 words about something I feel disgusted towards. I think it’s psychotic so make us write about the discomfort we feel. So it’s like, we HAVE to feel uncomfortable reading the article we picked out.

Should just change course. Something relaxing like Architecture. Or some course in Temasek Poly. No one knows me there. Cool. Then rent a condo like Jianxiong and start whole new life. No parents, no friends, no nothing. Then slowly work my way up.

Buying a present for my mother later. I don’t know who is coming along.

I’m just kidding about changing course.

I’m so happy we’re not friends anymore. I can’t believe I was friends with someone as childish as you. Not everyone act as themselves around you, you know why? Because you think everyone else is inferior.

And you. Ask if I’m free on saturday. I said I was. Now you said you don’t know if you’re free or not. Don’t bring my hopes up just to drop them again, thank you.


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