Carry out.


Photobucket has been irritating me since 11.

This morning when I woke up, I knew it was one of those days where I-was-happy-at first-then-then-something-came-along-to-ruin-it; Fragile-happy day. Well, it’s ruined now. My bro suffers the most on days like this. My whole family suffers actually. If I’m in school, either Junxiong or Glenn will suffer. Provided they are with me during that time.

I don’t take my mood out on girls and Isaac. I had before, now I’m afraid to.

Watched Back up plan with Agnes instead of The last song. We were too late, hahaha. Apart from the sweet and funny scenes, the rest were pretty much sick. I can’t believe it’s not NC16. Ah, maybe I’m too conservative. And we didn’t finish our popcorn.

Agnes and I complain about……. yeah everything and everyone. Lol.

Bringing Demi to watch The last song. The last movie we watched was Madagascar 2.

Ah, can’t go on. Bad mood today.


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