Another great day :)

Had lunch with Kris, old man, at Ayer Rajah. Went to the Atrium to meet Kim and Chelsia. Late lunch with Kangling. Skip skip.

Here’s the best part. I had dinner with Jayne, Kangling and Liting at the alumni clubhouse. Ahhhhhhhh! Thank you, SL, for telling us how to get there <3 Okay, anyway, so coooooool. Saw Jiale and Fabian there :)

Throughout the dinner, I was laughing aaaaaaaaaall the way. I mean, seriously. Got Liting, Jayne and Kangling there. Kangling and I didn’t want to eat in case Liting were to say something and make us laugh ‘cos we might choke on our food. Haha. After that, I laughed at Liting’s every line. LOL. Ah, so fun today :) Definitely should do this again. Jayne is such a pro at trying to convince people to do things her way, hahaha. Liting fell for it, HAHAHA.

I also saw Azmir two times today.

Time to go print out my sociology essay.


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