I was in this restaurant. Gold everywhere. Super high ceilings. Everything was perfect again. Bro was at the swimming pool. Then, my house phone rang, for one minute straight.

Lets forget the disappointing stuff.

Glenn was telling me why guys are so afraid and irritated by girls crying ‘cos I asked. And what he said, I couldn’t argue with it. It was damn funny, too, hahaha.

Glenn: “Like, you cry, okay what are we supposed to say???????? Then if talk to you, also don’t reply. Then don’t reply, then keep crying… then it will be forever till you finally stop. Then like “heng ah, finally”.”

He said there are two reasons why they don’t like: 1. What are we supposed to say???? 2. we talk, you don’t reply.

Glenn: “and trust me, i’ve experienced it with you” (I was like, don’t remind me LOL. O levels MT results, I cried)

Glenn: “that time take MT o level.. then you run outside. ok not run, FLY”

The conversation went like that…

Glenn: “How much you get?”
Me: *Cry*
Glenn: Don’t cry lah. What grade?
Me: *Cry*

He said he was like, “Okay, it can’t be that bad, i have this feeling you passed and there’s a second chance”
He said: Yes that was after 435678908765 years. Okay continue,

Glenn: “aiya C5, nevermind lah got second chance”
Me: *Cry*
Glenn: “Nic failed…”
Me: *Cry*

That so was so darn funny, hahahaha.

Sometimes, we do not need words to comfort us. A hug is good(Not from glenn, please LOL. Isaac’s one) enough.

p/s I made the last post private because I read it and I think it’s weird so you might think it is weird if you read it too.


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