Fell out.

Everything is over. All the hurt and all the pain I felt has stopped. Ever since poly started, got boyfriend like got no boyfriend like that, lol. Classmates and friends distracted me from the stress and jealousy, all the bad stuff you feel in a relationship. But at night, hah, came all the stress and the tears.

Anyway, it feels great to be free from those feelings :) Yes, Isaac made me very happy but also very depressed these 6 weeks, lol. Before poly started, he made me happy every time.

Thanks to those who were giving me advice all the way since it turned for the worse :) Really appreciate it. Made me came to the letting-go decision, hahaha, even though it hurts at first, but I’m feeling better than before :)

When he asked if we could be friends, I didn’t want to at first. However, I’m already friends with Nic, lol. And your ex-es knows you almost as well as your bestfriend. Like sometimes talking to Nic, he will say, “That’s not you.”, “I know you not like that one.”

Thank you, Isaac. Best relationship ever, hahahaha.

Both of us are happy now :)

p/s My views shot up yesterday. WHAT YOU GUYS WANT TO SEE LOL.
p/s I just realised we broke up on our 1 year 5th month anniversary. Lol.


2 thoughts on “Fell out.

  1. *hugs* shit Im very slow I just found out. *hugs again* COME FIND ME WHEN YOU NEED A HUG SINCE ALL OUR LESSONS ARE SO NEAR TO EACH OTHER. :) and because Im nice.

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