A simple kiss doesn’t solve everything.

Amk hub with Kaiyan yesterday. No, not satisfied with the way the Jun-something cut my fringe. I want it short. He kept saying it will be very hard to push to the side. I don’t really want to push it to the side.. I just want it to cover my forehead. Then went to her house to watch Down with Love until 11 :) Thank youuuu.

Today, AGNES DRAGGED ME EVERYWHERE. Ion, Heeren, Far East, Plaza Sing, Cineleisure, Grand Cathay, Suntec. My God. She bought like 5 bags of stuff. Anyway, we watched Shrek. Great movie! Didn’t want to sleep = Good.

Thank you girls :)

Ah project tomorrow until 6.


2 thoughts on “A simple kiss doesn’t solve everything.

  1. Glad you are feeling better babe, takecare^^

    & lets go shopping someday! maybe after the bbq :P i havent booked the pit &@^!&*@*#@ !!!!

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