California girls.



Bought this bracelet from Fox when I was in town with Kaiyan. Money’s worth for the effort put into making it :)

Went to school to study again.

Kim: “Don’t bring your laptop.”
Me: “My iTouch also can surf :(”
Kim: “Don’t bring Itouch.”
Me: “My handphone can surf internet too LOL”

She gave up on me LOL.

Ngee ann poly is already like my second home. Watched a channel 8 program in the library. LOOK HOW I’M GETTING ATTACHED TO IT. I think I’ll just rent an apartment in the loft, lol.

I managed to borrow a book I wanted to buy, Ransom My Heart by Meg Cabot. It’s in the year 1200s. Actually, I’m fine with any kind of stories. As long as they contain romance. It must be those mind blowing romance, okay, like, the perfect guy. As long as the book is able to make me fall for the male lead, I’ll read it LOL. Kidding. But I do like reading books like that.

Shit. My brother told me he asked me this question on formspring, “Are you dumb or dumb?” I THOUGHT IT WAS SOME USELESS PERSON WITH NOTHING TO DO SO I DELETED THAT QUESTION LOL. I’m right about the useless person and have nothing to do part, though. Just didn’t thought it would be my brother -_-


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