For the past two days, I went to KKH to visit Ninghuan. She had this lump at her neck. Had the operation yesterday.



She’s damn cute in her hospital clothes, haha. Ninghuan has this effect on you. Okay, more on me, probably. You keep enticing her to go to you, to let you carry her. When you achieved that, she will stick to you like no tomorrow. Then, your arms will get tired and stuff. You put her down, she clings on to you like a koala bear. When she really does let go, you give your arms a stretch(my arm always aches for awhile after carrying her). Then, you try to have her come back to you again. The cycle repeats.

Before the operation, she allows no one to touch the lump on her neck, haha.

Went to Aunty Melody’s house for awhile yesterday.



United Square for dinner at Grandma’s restaurant. Love the fish head :) Novena Square for Yami yogurt. Heaven. Sticking to Yami for life. Oh oh oh, I tried the Magnum gold ice cream too.



I think only 20% of it is chocolate. The rest was caramel swirls and vanilla. I shared one stick with 2 others ‘cos of the chocolate. It’s too sweet for me, though. First and last time eating it.

I’m going to meet Mengfung for a movie later! Miss her so. The last time I saw her was getting the testimonials. After that, si Jianxiong’s birthday dinner with T04 at WRC. Can’t wait! :D


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