You’re beautiful.

Currently chasing You’re beautiful. It’s a korean drama, HAHA. It only has 16 episodes :( Yes, it’s sad ‘cos I know from the rate I’m watching, it will be over fast. My 2nd Korean boyfriend is Jung Yong Hwa:

He’s already very sweet at the beginning of the movie. He’s tall, fair, sweet, the always-there guy :) :) :)

Then, I know how korean dramas work. They make you fall for this really sweet guy, but as the show progresses, you will end up falling for the male lead, no matter how mean he is at the beginning ‘cos he will start to do stuff like, sacrificing himself, etc.


He’s the one I like most in FT Island :) Really adorable in the show and has really nice eyes. I WANT HIS FRINGE.

Waiting for shows to load is like waiting forever. Haha, I’m just kidding. I’ll go and find stuff to past my time while waiting for them to load :) Hmm, should I cook? Later burn down the entire house HAHAHA.


2 thoughts on “You’re beautiful.

  1. Haha,yuppyupp. we still have many more holidays to come (: Nice jacket you wore in your last post btw!! Pretty pretty(:

    Next time lets go bungee jumping or something. haha! conquer your fear of heights!

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