I will promise you.

Same time last year. Was it really any different?

I actually said: “Life feels like a piece of swiss cheese.” -_- A March, 2009 post. I have, what I used to call, highly emotional posts, haha. I was kind of open with what I felt last time. Most of the time, I try to suppress it first. If I can’t contain it anymore then I’ll go to my blog. Actually, I am still very open with my feelings on my blog now HAHA.

Oh oh, LOL. I use to do a lot of surveys. One question:

1) Besides your lips, where is your favourite spot to be kissed?
– Go away, man (2009, March)


That time I broke my arm ‘cos I tripped, in my blog, I recorded that my bro said, “Jie, you look like you just came back from a fight. I am so proud :)” Damn it, lol. So much more funny stuff.

http://thhatsmiileofyours.blogspot.com. It’s locked, haha.


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