Guardian angel.

Watched Toy Story 3 and Karate Kid with Agnes, Junxiong and Glenn.

Toy Story 3 was alright. I LOVE MR PANCAKE HEAD HAHAHA. Plot was not predictable, I mean, of course, it was a happy ending, but many parts did not happen the way you thought it will work out. Well, for me, that is. Anyway, good movies, most of the time, are like that. They surprise you and I like surprises. Not bad-news-surprises, of course. I hate that, lol.

Lotso(The evil, pink, very huggable bear): “No owners, no heartbreaks.”

Nice quote I think. Kind of true, in a way.

As for Karate Kid, which part are we girls supposed to tear? Agnes and I couldn’t find the part, lol. Jackie Chan is sooooooooo cool. I have watched a lot of his movies. I prefer him to Jet Li :) We thought Toy Story 3 was better even though many people said Karate Kid was a really really good show. Maybe it’s because we heard how good the movie was that we had higher expectations of it. And because our expectations are too high, we got disappointed more. Or maybe it’s the fact that Glenn was beside me. He spoiled some parts :( Evil person, haha.

Left the cinema at 12 again. Didn’t catch the sun rise LOL.


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