Still as ever.

Great week.

Sunday: Vivo with Kaiyan to buy her birthday stuff. It’s like, she’s planning for prom or something, hahaha.

Monday: Pool with Glenn. I IMPROVED OKAY. Asked Nic to play lan with us, lol. Speaking about that, I had a dream the night before that Glenn told me to sms Nic to play lan with us. Soooooooo, in a way, it’s cool. Maybe a little creepy, lol. Went to Aunty’s house for dinner after that. Cool match between Portugal and North Korea. I only watched from goal 4 to goal 7. So far, it’s the only match I watched. I didn’t even catch Brazil’s.

Today: Town with Agnes and Yuanyi. They treated me ice-cream because they want to play a part in my healing from the heartbreak HAHAHAHAHAHA. Anyway, I’m fine now. So, free ice-cream. Must go find a job so can spend money like water. Whatever the phrase is, hahaha.

Will do the Batam post tomorrow. Uncle posted the pictures on facebook already. I’ll post the pictures I took too :)


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