Dreams are repressed wishes, aren’t they?

I had two dreams last night. Both made me want to go back to sleep and continue it. (I always wake up when my dreams are getting exciting -_-)

One is, Yuanyi told me she found a job and there are 3 spots. I was with Agnes at that time and Agnes already has a job. I was so excited so I asked Agnes if she want to work with us or not. Her face showed that she isn’t really keen on that idea but you can’t really make assumptions to what the person is thinking because of face expressions so before she could give me the answer, it ended :(

The other one, ahhhhh, I really wanted to continue it. I wanted to continue this dream more, hahaha.

Oh yes, my mother bought for me, You’re Beautiful dvd(!!!), 17 Again, 27 Dresses and Bride Wars. Movie marathon tomorrow :)


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