I wear black more than any other color, but I am not gothic.
I genuinely care for my friends.
I don’t trust people easily, thanks to past experiences.
Romance novels fascinate me.
I am female.
I do not wear glasses, but I probably should.
Switchfoot is an amazing band.
I have never seen the movie “Phantom of the Opera”.
I did not attend preschool as a child.
I have an older brother.
I am an aunt (or uncle).
I am too organized.
My shoulders are always hot, but my feet are always cold.
This is not the first survey I have ever taken.
I am interested in taking psychology classes.
I think men are sexy.
I refuse to use any other brand of tissue, besides Kleenex.
Duct tape annoys me more than it amuses me.
Easter used to be my favorite holiday.
My lips are chapped at this moment.
I was afraid of the monster under my bed as a child.
I have a boyfriend.
My birthday is in February.
I don’t have a job.
I decide I want to take a survey only if I see a certain question that I’d like to answer.
I have never left this country.
The word “fluffy” makes me laugh.
I have cried within the last 24 hours.
My fingertips are freezing cold.
I have already eaten dinner.
Normally I don’t eat breakfast.
I will never smoke cigarettes.
I will never do drugs.

I really don’t like country music.
I have a cat.
I have thrown up from crying too much before.
I love Sushi.
I always look at peoples away messages.
I crack my knuckles often.
I’m not in any sports.
I play the acoustic guitar, and I love it.
I have only been to 2 concerts before in my life.
I’ve only kissed one person unrelated to me, so far.
I used to want to be a vegetarian.
Now I want to be a writer.
Or a graphic designer…
I get along better with guys.
I used to like Pokemon.
I am mostly French heritage.
I believe in God and have faith in Him.
Lip rings are arousing.
I love and get along with my cousins.
I had a pet turtle one summer.
I get excited about getting new underwear.
I need a boost in my self-esteem.
I’ve thought about suicide.
I love receiving mail and e-mail.
I’ve had a pen pal before.
I can’t sleep on my back. I just can’t.
I hate public bathrooms.
I listen to my parents; it’s just that sometimes I really don’t care.
Once in my life, I named a pigeon.
I laugh when I watch old home videos
I used to be obsessed with the Spice Girls.
I once started a fire in my microwave.
I wish on Tootsie Roll Pop wrappers.
I really like the name Mathias.
I often fake my happiness for the benefit of others.
I keep a diary online and a diary on paper.
I love reading. It takes me away from reality.
I don’t like getting my picture taken.
The OC is my favorite TV show ever.
I’m glad this survey is almost over.
I am in the mood to take a shower.
I feel like crying when I look at old pictures.
I have a very busy day tomorrow.
I am in the mood to kiss somebody. Anybody.
I might be in love with my best friend..
I have now officially watched all three High School Musical movies.
I don’t think Zac Efron is all that hot, honestly.
I don’t even like one single song from any of the three movies.
I’ve been involved in a school musical before.
I can’t sing to save my life.
Dancing is even worse.
I am/have dated a basketball player.
I know a guy who is almost never seen without a hat/cap/fedora/etc.
I hate movie musicals.
I hate Disney movies.
I know someone who drives a pink car.
I want to study theatre in college.
Brown hair + blue eyes = hotness.
I’ve written a song before, and I think it was pretty good!
I play an instrument pretty well.
I’m in a band.
I pretty much live in my earphones/headphones.
My ringtone is a song from my favourite artist/band.
I got my very first cell phone before I even turned 13.
I’d rather watch a horror movie than a romantic comedy.
Animated films still amuse me.
I’ve noticed that nobody makes cartoons the old-fashioned way anymore, it’s all CGI.
Okay, what’s CGI?
I know what that is, but I’m not exactly sure what it all stands for.
I would love to play in an orchestra.
Better still, be the conductor!
I wonder if the orchestra players really pay attention to the conductor.
I’ve been extremely annoyed at someone in the past 24 hours.
I don’t get irritated easily.
I wear a ring on my pinky finger.
I’d prefer to sing the second voice (harmony) in a choir.
Pfft, who wants to sing in a choir when you can go solo.
There’s at least one teddy bear in the room that I’m in now.
I have something from Build-a-Bear.
And it’s not even a bear.
I just yawned.
I sneeze at least three times in a row.
I have the biggest eyes in my family.
I wouldn’t even know it if I were standing right next to a Jonas Brother.
The last person I texted is blood-related to me in some way.
When I grow up, I wanna be famous.
I can’t stand the Pussycat Dolls.
I know someone who knows someone famous.
I’m registered to an official fanclub.
I hate it when Youtube videos take forever to buffer.
I hate it even more when the title says one thing but the video is another thing all together!
I want Brad and Angelina to adopt me too!
I have my own personal blog.
Victoria’s Secret models are hot.
I could never be a model because I love to eat.
I know how to play the bass guitar.
I listen to Christian rock music.
I’d love to learn how to speak Mandarin Chinese.
I’m listening to my favourite song right now!
I’m going to bed within the next 3 hours.
I can’t even remember the last time I did a chore.
I’ve made a bolding survey before.
I think it’s easier than making a random survey.
I made my Xanga layout myself .
I can’t stand girls who claim that they will marry their celebrity heartthrob.
I laughed at Rihanna’s “Umbrella” the first time I heard it
Considering how much I eat, I’m pretty okay weight-wise.
I must have everything in my favourite colour!
I am single.
I have a boyfriend.
Currently I have feelings for one guy.
One of my favorite discussion topics is guys.
I like guys with facial hair.
I like clean shaven guys.
I’ve been married.
I’ve been divorced.
I’ve wanted to marry a guy-friend before.
My favorite Color on guys is white.
My Favorite Color on guys is black.
It’s creepy when some guys wear pink.
I like guys with blonde hair.
I like guys with black hair.
I like guys with brown hair.

I like guys with red hair.
I like Emo Guys.
I like Punk Guys.
I like Jocks.
Blue eyes on guys are beautiful!
Green eyes are the best!
Tall, dark, handsome with dark brown eyes!
I’ve been given flowers for Valentines Day.
My favorite part about guys is how funny they are.
Guys; Can’t live with them, can’t live without them
I’ve said, “Why can’t they invent something besides guys to marry?”
I’ve kicked a guy where it hurts before.
I have been to the movies alone with a guy.
I’ve been in love.
I’ve eaten alone with a guy before.
I’ve been on a date.
I like Christian guys.
I don’t care about religion when it comes to guys
I have called a guy handsome/hot before.
I can look at a cute guy and not think about sex.
I don’t like guys who drink.
I don’t like guys who smoke.
I don’t like guys who sleep around.
I like good moral guys.

I like guys who know how to work, but don’t become workaholics.
I like guys who believe in waiting for marriage for sex.

I’ve almost crashed my car because I saw a cute guy.
A guy has given me flowers before.
A guy has kissed me in the last week.
A guy has hugged me in the last week.
I’ve tripped checking out a cute guy.
I’ve bought a movie/book just because the guy in it was cute.
I love it when guys go shirtless (if they have a body)
I know a guy who has gotten a girl pregnant.
1 of my best friend(s) is a guy(s).
I’ve had a guy in my room before.
I’ve been to guys house.
I’ve taken a picture of a guy I like in the last three months
Guys look like angels when they sleep
I’ve been asked for my phone number by a guy before
I’ve bought a guy a birthday present before.


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