Fool again.

I love lunch breaks with my classmates :) Laughed so much today. Partly also because of the never ending crap Jianxiong says. We’re supposed to make something for our mortal tomorrow. His idea for his mortal was:

Jianxiong: “Maybe I will give some rambutans?”


Jianxiong: “Maybe I buy ice-cream, then wait until it melt. Then give.”


I need to start studying, lol. Really. Lectures only make me want to sleep. Need to self study or something for this end-of-sem test.


2 thoughts on “Fool again.

  1. awww you have fun classmates it seems!! :D Long time no chat/see . Maybe during the YOG break, we meetup to study for endofyear exams or something :)

    Stay strong & cute babe!

    1. YES. They make me happy! :)

      OMG SURE LOL. Need to study! I don’t want to get expelled or something, hahaha. You too! :D :D

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