Thank you, my angel. Eating them now.

I caught the depression virus :( Along with Kangling and Liting. It’s like, you just go all moody and don’t feel like talking or doing anything. And when you talk to people about it, they will get infected. Really. I made like, 4 people depressed :( I AM SO SORRY. It’s definitely worse than mood swings. I can handle it when I’m around a few people, though.

Going cycling this Sunday. Praying it doesn’t rain. JUNXIONG JUST SENT A MESSAGE SAYING IT’S GOING TO RAIN FOR THE ENTIRE WEEK. ALL 24 DEGREES. Maybe a miracle will happen. Junxiong said if want, he and Glenn can accompany me on Sunday. They are damn kind people LOL. AGNES GOT PROJECT :( Meeting her on Wednesday, maybe.

1) I regret not learning the piano when I was younger.
2) I watched 27 Dresses.

I know I know, the soon I know things aren’t going to be the same again, the sooner I will move on, right? Yeah, I’m working on it. So hard.


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