Stuck in the moment.

Went to ECP. Cycled with sis, Junxiong and Glenn.

The last group I cycled with(Yuanyi, Agnes and Zhenliang), Zhenliang will be the one going close to us and make it look like we might collide or something. BUT NOW, it’s so much worse. Junxiong on one side, Glenn on the other. They did that like a few times, I wanted to kill them. Cycled to the place where 1001 people are fishing. Then to huge rock that extended out to the sea. You know, where Singapore dramas, it’s the most popular place where they say and do emo stuff.

Then we tried to be super emo. Junxiong played really emo songs. Glenn destroyed it by playing snsd songs. Demi was playing at the beach. She brought a DEAD crab up.

I saw people sailing. I shall add that in the list of things I want to learn :)

Junxiong switched bikes with me ‘cos I don’t know how to adjust the gear(s). Anyway, then, I had a tiny accident with his bike. Left handle hit a guy. Bike fell. Bike bell broke. Guy came over, smiles and said, “I think this is yours.” End of story.

Depressed while riding back, hahaha. When we returned the bikes, the uncle said it’s okay :) Depress for nothing.

Father sent both of them home ‘cos they spent 6$ each and 2 hours plus accompanying me.

I’m a very lucky person. I have friends who won’t go ‘missing in action’ when I need them. Thank you very much, guys :) WHEN YOU GO INTO DEPRESSION OR WHATEVER, I WILL BE THERE FOR YOU TOO :D


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