Halfway gone.

Went to Ourspace and played Taboo with Kangling, Jayne, Jianxiong and Winston. Damn funny as always, hahaha.

Jianxiong: “I am what?”
Kangling: “Handsome.”
Winston: “Cool.”
Me: “Gay.”

Jianxiong: “Winston correct.”

HAHAHAHAHA. Winston said he was crossing his fingers when he said that HAHAHAHA.

Dinner with Kangling, Jianxiong and Winston. Jayne left early. They talked about their NPCC days. I don’t know how I fit in but I listened to how Jianxiong and Winston tortured the juniors, and how they got tortured, it was a laugh.

Called my father to come and pick me up. 61 comes only when 10 buses go pass. By the time I get home, it would have been 10pm.

I hope I sleep before 1am today.


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