Despicable me.

Took this with Jayne yesterday :)

I had my first event as a HMS ambassador today. It’s just bringing groups of secondary school students to the respective classrooms. I mingled :) Which is good ‘cos I normally don’t start conversations with total strangers. I also brought them down to FMS for their next tour. First time I’m doing any of this. I have 0 leadership skills. Made new friends. I love this activity. Looking forward to more.

So, made this new friend called Rachel. She’s a NP ambassador. She thought I was a year 2 student ‘cos I looked so sure about everything and she was not. I was damn afraid that something would go wrong, please, hahahaha. She was so shocked when she knew I was a year 1. Then we started talking. I like making friends that are easy to talk to.

After bringing them up, Jayne and I stayed in our respective classrooms, the room that talks about Psychology and Community services, hee. Dr Juliet was in there. One group clapped after her ‘tutorial’ and she ‘whispered’ to Jayne and I that we should do that too.

Went to Vivo with Junxiong. Thanks for waiting :D Met up with Agnes and Jeanine. Glenn came after 2637263 hours.

I made Glenn and Jx buy the Eclipse popcorn set ‘cos I wanted the cup. Agnes bought the toy story set ‘cos she wanted their cup.

Despicable Me is a great show :) Most parts made me laugh. Some parts made me sad. Some parts made me go aw(Agnes!). I love the yellow minions too! They spoke some weird language. Love the part where they ask Gru for a goodnight kiss, hahahaha. 1/4 of the theater and I clapped after the show.

Hard core studying tomorrow.


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