What we did during Comm service project meeting. Not that we do this every time. Haha.

Went to Plaza Sing for my haircut. Thank you, Jayne and her brother for the car ride there :) Met up with Kaiyan and we ate at Kfc. I have been eating really fast today. Jayne, Liting(during lunch in NP) and Kaiyan were shocked, hahaha. Ah, well, guess my appetite is getting better. Love it :)

So, my hair cutting journey.

Low Yuanyi recommended me to cut my hair at Chapter Two. When I saw it, I thought it was some place where male gangsters cut their hair. But thinking back at the price, I don’t think so. 28$ to cut, wash and blow dry my hair. Never paid so much for a trip to the salon before.

A lady cut my hair. She cut away 1 inch of my really thin hair. It looks redundant anyway, haha. So my hair length is shorter by an inch. Or less than an inch, I don’t know.

Then this guy, haircolourwhichisthesameasjeremyinyou’rebeautifulandtotallyremindsmeofhim, washed my hair for me. We talked :D Okay, and my favourite part, he dried and straightened(temporary) my hair ever so, well? I don’t know but last time, Aaron was super fast when straightening my hair with the hairdryer. But this guy, He took like, 20 to 25 minutes? Even though I was the past customer and the others were already starting to pack up.

I just found eye candy no. 3. I’m just kidding, lol. Might be another 6 months before I see him again, haha.

Called Yuanyi and thanked her and told her about the experience. Love you, Koh Kaiyan for accompanying me today even though you lacked sleep last night :) (She feel asleep on one of the chairs in the salon)


I’m my pjs, lol. My straight hair is going to wear off once I wash it the next time around.


2 thoughts on “Destiny.

  1. BABEHHHHH, its been longlonglong time since i had a nice talk w you ah. My goodness, do i ever miss you so much! :)

    haha cute pjs.

    1. DAMN LONG CAN :( I miss Denise A LOT. YOG BREAK! We will go and study together :D LOL. It’s damn kiddy, hahaha.

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