Come back to me.

Met Glenn Ho at the bus stop and we went to the library to look for Jayne. We were supposed to meet for Dota but Jianxiong and Winston were knocked out. Anyway, I didn’t know NP bans Garena. So we still didn’t get to play, haha. YOU MADE ME BRING MY MOUSE FOR NOTHING, GLENN :(

And so, my beautiful day just whizzed passed like that.

Last night, I was smiling at some of the msn conversations I had.

Mum: “You got another boyfriend now is it?”
Me: “No.”
Mum: “Good. Better not. So troublesome.”

I’m very clear about that too, lol.

YongHwa ♥ Denise



2 thoughts on “Come back to me.

  1. you got boyfriend isit! HAHAHAHA im kidding. omg steamboat hehehee. (shit im so embarrassed i’ll tell you through sms)

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