I like you like that.

Today was fun :) Sociology tutorial was the best. But I really wished I wasn’t the first to talk about my angel. I HAVEN’T PLAN MY SPEECH FOR GLENN(my angel) YET LOL. But yes, I just threw whatever came to mind. Actually, the most memorable thing he did should be when he bought food for me because I told him I’m always hungry during Socio HAHAHAHA. And he kept buying snacks after that.

Thank you so much for the past 13 weeks! 14 if you are still buying food for me :D (I know you read my blog, you told me today LOL) I promise I will draw a better portrait of you in the future HAHAHA.

Badminton with classmates. Omg, it was the best. I think it’s going to be one year since I exercised, haha. Yaxun and Kangling makes me laugh :) Remind me never to play with Winston again. Yaxun and I are going to get accepted into Singapore sports school with our table tennis talent soon LOL.

Stayed back in school with Jayne and Kangling. I smuggled food up again. Ah, times with them are great :D

Jayne(to me): “Seeing skinny people eat to so much makes me happy!”

:D :D :D

The answer was gender and we were supposed to create questions out of the answers. So one group went: “What is another word for sex?” Then,

Jianxiong: “Huh, it’s a vulgar word.”

Haha, all the crap. I should like, create a tumblr or blog solely to store all that but I don’t have the time and he is not worth it LOL.

I’m going to sleep now.


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