I want to be professional photographer some day.

That is after my psychology future backfires or something, haha. I told Kangling I’m going to learn fishing. So if photography and psychology does fail, I will go and be a fisherwoman. I won’t go hungry and can earn money by selling fish. My life is planned.




Uncle Sean took these with his dslr. I want professional photography equipment too. Er, not like those people who buy professional cameras just to take 1001 clearer pictures of themselves, okay. I can’t stand them. It’s a waste of a good camera, seriously, if they just hold up their Canon EOS 450D or whatever and start to take pictures of themselves. It’s only replacing their 3.2 megapixel phone, in my opinion. You can just buy digital cameras. It’s crazy if you buy professional cameras FOR SHOW(it looks professional, doesn’t it) only to waste it on pictures of yourself. At least, that’s what I think.

So, must start to save. I hope I get every basic equipment by year 2013. Just nice. Take great pictures(I hope) while traveling the world. And if I suddenly die of dehydration while traveling in the Sahara desert or something, burn all my photos with me. That is, if the camera survives.

Oh, I half kidding about my life plan, haha. I can take up photography for leisure too. Okay, I am damn excited about my life now. I don’t want the world to end in 2012 already. Unless, I get into a car accident or something before that. Which I think, is highly possible, lol. I’m serious.

I think a lot, you know.


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