Things I need to do.

1) Finish my final essay. (Which, I think, will also get a C, like all the other essays)
2) Finish my final Psychology project.
3) Eat.
4) Study for Psy. and Socio. test.
5) Stop being lazy.
6) Start saving money.
7) Kill Jianxiong. Okay, maybe Winston too.
8) Make everyone around me happy.
9) Handle the pathetic amount of time I have well.

Some if the things have deadlines and others are things I hope to accomplish in the long run, for now. It’ll change.


10 thoughts on “Things I need to do.

  1. HAIYO, takecare okay babe?:'( i dont want to meet up w you to go doctor tgt! Hahaha, cute ah you. Okay, i will go plan what chapts to study :)

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