Day 1 — Your Best Friend

Dear Koh Kaiyan,

We kept smiling to each other since primary 1, I think, but we only became friends in primary 6. After collecting PSLE results, you went to America. The night before, I went to your house and we wrote ‘lawyer’ letters to each other. I still kept yours. I also kept the first letter you sent to me from America. After that, I received a phone call from you. You came back two years later. I got my bestfriend back. You ended up in Outram ‘cos Tanglin didn’t give you a space. Nevertheless, we still met up often. Then, you met a guy whom you know you won’t ever forget. I was there when everything went wrong. First time I saw you cry over someone. You got a great boyfriend after that. This year, it was my turn to need someone. I called and you came down straight away. You said it’s your first time seeing me cry so hard. A month later, something happened and I was crying when I called you. You broke your date with your boyfriend and got him to send you to my block. That meant a lot.

We used to sit in Bukit Merah’s mac and talk but because it is under renovation, we now sit below my block and talk about everything. I found my best friend in this world. Last long with Raymond. Best friends forever.


I’m calling you later.


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