Day 3 — Your parents

Dear Father,

I think you are a very good father. Most of the time. I don’t know how you do it but you always make it sound like you are right. Every time I have a problem, I will start by asking if you ever encountered that before. And I don’t know how but you can talk from my problem to things like fate and stuff. It makes a lot of sense, though, it is not logical one bit. I think you know me better than my mother. You know what I can’t eat, can eat, like to eat, don’t like to eat. That time, you didn’t tell me exactly where you are and you made me go from one end of harbourfront to the other end of vivo. I got angry. So you bought for me chicken rice that costs $7. Beside that restaurant was the food court which sells chicken rice for only $2.50. Thank you for all that you did. I’m still a little angry that you didn’t tell me starhub made available ALL the channels since Saturday. You only told me that yesterday. Still, thanks for everything.

Love, Denise.

Dear Mother,

You are reason why I agree with men that women are unreasonable. Some of the things you argue about with us is very very very unreasonable until I give up talking. But even so, we never had cold wars. You will start to disturb me after half an hour. And every time when my phone receives a message, and it is a guy, and you happened to saw it, you will start to tease me. Like some friend. Every time I speak on the phone with you, all of my friends thought I’m speaking to a friend because of my tone. Cool that  we can talk that way. However, I still hate the days  when every little thing irritates you and then you start to irritate all four of us. Still, thanks for everything. I love you.

Love, Denise.


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