Good day.

Good morning! Anyway, my life the past few days:

On Friday, Agnes and I to the Starbucks beside One Fullerton. Best view, best ambience, best everything. I felt like falling asleep when I got there and I did. For the first time, I ordered mango passion fruit juice. Tastes weird but I kept drink mocha and that’s not good for me, lol. And we went Vivo for dinner. Talked until 10 :)

Yesterday, went to Woodlands with Mandy to tutor some students at a youth center. They really are not motivated to study. At all. The one I was assigned to CAN STUDY just that he doesn’t want to. I told him I’ll be back, lol. Anyway,  that’s why, I decided to volunteer myself every Saturday, along with Mandy, Yaxun and Jingshan.

After that, met up with Aunty Melody and went to SMU for a talk about skin and the sun. I slept, lol. The entire thing was taking place in a lecture hall. Lecture halls are perfect for sleeping and I was tired, just nice.

Took a cab to Yishun. The cab driver was a woman. She is sixty but I swear to you she looks mid forties. Aunt then asked her what he secret was. She said, “I’m a very happy person. Not petty.” Ah, that truly keeps you young.

I hope your days are great too :)


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