Love, life.

Oh, I forgot to mention. Agnes and I bought Vans yesterday :)




Same everything just different size. Kris must be damn proud now HAHAHA. I bought blue ‘cos I kept buying black shoes.

Oh, and while waiting for Agnes to arrive, I was in Page One. Then, this guy came up to me and showed me a card saying he is from a deaf and mute association. Yeah, I bought something, it’s 6$. This,



Then, he kissed his hand and put it on my cheek and went off. I had an entire conversation without talking. Joining HI club next year :) I don’t quite care if anyone thinks I got scammed, really. The charm was a bit pricey but alright. Must be the Community Services effect :(


And on Wednesday, I went back to Ngee Ann with Jayne :) Ah, really felt like there is lesser people in the world. Was there from 10am to 7 plus pm. Most productive day, ever. And I borrowed 2 new books. Meg Cabot’s. I’m still halfway through How To Be Single, lol. FYI, it is NOT a self help book. It’s a novel. The female lead will not be single at the end, I bet. That’s how books end.

Going to Clarke Quay to study with Agnes, Junxiong and Glenn. Starbucks with that really nice ambiance, very little people and great view of the Singapore river and IRs.


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