Love the way you lie.

This song is annoyingly addictive. I’ve never liked any of Eminem’s songs.

Tutoring at woodlands today with Mandy, Jingshan and Yaxun. Went to Queensway Mac’ to look for Kaiyan. Ah, I missed her.

Oh, then I went to United square and bought goodluck candies. I don’t know how to describe it but I’m going to take a picture of it. Sharing it with classmates on the 3rd and 9th of September :) Bro bought lemon flavour and it looks like lemon slices. Ah, it’s just damn cute.

While I was there, they were making a customised sweet. Cousins said my name was on it. Turns out it was ‘Denice’, lol. Written on the sweet was ‘Denice love Steven/steve’ 10kg worth. It looks like 10 kg. I hope I get more chances to go back.

Abrupt ending. Goodbye.


2 thoughts on “Love the way you lie.

  1. You bought VANS ! Haha, really jealous now :P Lol, 10 kg worth of sweets, thats madness!!
    & We’re the original “denise”s , cos denise isnt spelt as denice!!.gonna tell that lady/girl to change her name :D

    1. HEE HEE. Yeah :D LOL Don’t be jealous! You can buy it once you get your paycheck! :D I KNOW RIGHT. HAHAHA. YES!. AGREE TO THE MAX.

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