Went to Punggol again. Tried to take a bus ‘cos the mrt is really expensive, and I go to punggol once a week since the break started. Well, I left the house at 9.30am. I reached there at 12pm. Do the math. I would rather spend 5$ to and fro via mrt than taking a 5 hour bus trip.

‘cos with time, you can earn money. But you can’t buy time with money.

Watched Titanic. It was supposed to be romantic but our comments turned it into a comedy.

Went to Hougang to take an mrt home.

Oh, about that, my left eyelid has been twitching for three days now and I was wondering when my something good would come around. So while I was at the mrt station, I just went into the first mrt I saw coming. I did not check where it was going or whatsoever. I just stepped in. Then I suddenly remembered that I do not know if I was going the right direction or not. I mean, Punggol, whichever platform you take is correct. I forgot that Hougang goes both ways.

Anyway, I was on the right track! Knowing myself, the chances of me getting on the wrong train is so much higher than getting on the right one.

My life is great.


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