Faith in humanity.

Two little things that happened today made my day. All happened in the morning too; even  better.

This morning, when the lift came to a stop at level 1, this man, old enough to be my grandfather, held the door for me :) I held the door for him too but he said I could go out first. I said thank you, of course. Gentlemen always, always leave an impression on me. Early last year, this sec 3/4 guy held the lift door for me too. I was standing all the way at the back while he was at the front and he still waited for me to go out first. But I don’t know why, I did not say thank you to him. REGRET. He’s living in my block, anyway.

Second, when I took the bus, the bus driver said thank you to everyone of us who went up the bus. It was so unexpected seeing that many bus drivers are very cranky(must be sitting way too long) and a majority wouldn’t even talk to us much less say thank you. All of us turned around to see who he was talking to. I hope he gets promoted or something :)

I am so so so glad that there are still such nice strangers in this world of ours. Seriously.

Anyway, I went to my grandmother’s house today. Haven’t seen her since.. very long. Well, I had a lot of things to tell her so judging from that, it must be very long since I last came.

My left eyelid is still twitching :)


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