Before I forget.



This book was great. I finished it after two days. I can finish it in one I bet but I had to study and eat and watch tv and sleep. So anyway, when I started to read it, I was studying the memory chapter in the psychology textbook. You know, like how we remember stuff, why we forget, how to remember things better, etc. So that book, Before I Forget, was a about this girl who because of some brain damage due to a falling brick, she cannot remember much and forgets things easily. No, not alzheimer. I DON’T KNOW HOW TO EXPLAIN. Anyway, it was a great read. A new surprise after every chapter. I love Melissa Hill :)

So I had this conversation with my mom just now:

Mother: “Why did you volunteer for YOG?”
Me: “Don’t want. Waste my time.”
Mother: “Go there can make a lot of friends from other countries, you know. Got so many english guys there, American, Portuguese, Italy, France, Britain………”
Me: “Ya hor. Damn.”
Mother: “Maybe when finish, you could have gotten an English boyfriend already. Some one like Ronaldo.”

*I don’t want someone like him, thanks.


Me: “I next year volunteer.”
Mother: “No more already lah.”

Lost my chance :( Ah, it’s okay. Oh, which reminds me

Me: “I’m going to migrate to England when I retire.”
Father: “Marrying an English man right?”
Me: “YES. OH YA. I’ll be migrating at 25. So can find.”

How to find someone when you are already 40. I mean, you can, but the chances are low.


I’ll blog about my days tomorrow.


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