For real.





Yaxun, Mandy and I bought this pendant from Citygems. Yaxun bought one for Jingshan. Alright, I felt very old ‘cos I bought jewelry; diamonds; Citygems. Ahhhhh. I don’t know why but I feel that diamonds will never be my best friend. And I can’t look at them for long. The brilliance hurts my eyes. True story.

My mom left me all alone outside :( Going to sleep soon.

I drank mocha from Coffeebean today. Coffeebean is still the first in my heart. They give more whipped cream than Starbucks. Their whipped cream is more solid. Coffeebean over starbucks. Any. Day. Any. Time. (I’m writing this at 2am, 29th/08/2010) (Sorry.)


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