Day 15 — The person you miss the most

Hey. I missed the person I thought you were. The person you were before school started on april 19th. The person I got to know in 2008. The person that I thought who was different. The person that said “Forever and ever and ever.”

And I continued with, “and ever and ever and ever.”

That was stupid of us to say that. Bye.

(Hahahahahahaha) (……..) (I don’t know why I decided to write this.) (Oh right, it’s going to be 2am. The mind doesn’t make the right decisions at 2am [How I Met Your Mother]) (Then maybe 10 years later, I’ll read this and laugh.) (I should become a vampire so forever can come true. Yay.) (But then again, 3 days of torture? I’m so weak. I think I’ll die within the first hour of the bite.) (But so far, none of them died during the process.) (K, the brain is mad at 2am.) (Hard to experience this ‘cos mother always made me off the computer at 1am – 1.30am.) (I managed to drag, hahaha.) (Okay, I should shut up.)

(This totally destroyed the entire mood of the letter.)


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