White roses.




Bought these white roses for teacher’s day tomorrow. IS IT APPROPRIATE? I mean, it doesn’t meant death or anything. I checked it up. It means purity and something else. Okay, why must a flower be associated with something? White is a beautiful colour. It’s huge; 77cm. Hope TCS, Andy and Mdm Heng will like them.

Me: “Nice?”
Bro: “Yeah.”
Me: “Some guy gave them to me.”
Bro: *Walked around for a few secs* “So what am I supposed to say?”


Anyway, went back to Ngee Ann today. Studied with Kangling after so so so so long. We got very distracted. I miss Liting and Kim too :)

Kaiyan accompanied me to Ikea to buy the white roses.



I left 3 days to study for Sociology. 3 days left. ONLY 3 DAYS. I’m stressing my classmates, hahaha.

Oh, yesterday, I cut my fringe ‘cos Junjie(?) is leaving because of army stuff. You know, that guy I went to, to cut my hair after Aaron left. Never mind if you don’t remember. Cutting fringe costs $3 only anyway. When my mom asked me the day before if I am cutting my fringe, I said, “Yeah. Just cut. It will grow back anyway.”

Okay, the me in last year would never ever ever say that. Or maybe it is just a one time thing.

I’m happy. I’m happy :)


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