I went to Serena’s house to study today. Her house is super conducive. Well, if you take away the piano, the internet and Serena. Hahaha. Kidding. I revised a lot :)

Halfway, Serena said she want ice-cream, and I said, I want some to, and she brought out this chocolate + mocha ice-cream. Lets say it’s 50% chocolate. and 50 percent mocha. Mocha is 1/2 chocolate. So it’s 75% chocolate. If it was strawberry, or any other flavour, I would have taken it all, lol. I’m kidding. So she gave me only the mocha parts. Oh, and there were chocolate chips inside. Millions. Now, I think the ice-cream is 90% chocolate.

Almost died. Didn’t eat much.

Played the piano. It’s been months since I played River Flows in You(I only know how to play that, alright). I’m surprised I still remember how to play it. I mean, I don’t know how to read scores or anything, I play stuff by remembering it. Though, I really envy people who have learnt or are learning the piano. I love that instrument.

And we went on the swings :) Until Serena got a stomachache, lol.

Going to NP tomorrow. I am not going to bring my iTouch. Not worth the risk.


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