I’m a very busy person.

Lol. Kidding. Just the weekdays. Next week’s full already. I was planning to spend this weekend at home, though. Minor plans came up yesterday and today, I’m going to meet Agnes and Yuanyi :)

I’ll post the pictures I took on Friday soon :)

Oh. Some conversations I had with my mother. Anyway, you know how after break ups, mothers are supposed to bring you out and then tell you stories about how they experienced heartbreak too? Oh, my mom doesn’t work that way.

She teases me about it.

Remember that new hat I bought? I mentioned that in the earlier post. So I was telling her how much I like it ‘cos it’s white and all.

Then, she said, “Then what about the one your boyfriend bought for you? :)” WITH A SMILE. And with that tone, it’s teasing!

And another one, this happened last night. We were in the car and Fish Leong’s Fen shou kuai le came up.

Mom: “This song is nice.”
Me: “Yeah. It’s the song that people sing to each other when they break up.”
Mom: “Now I know why you like this song. :)”

!!! WITH THAT SMILE AGAIN. And that tone. Firstly, the only words I understand are the chorus. Secondly, I didn’t listen to it repeatly! I think some people do listen to that song and then cry their heart out during post break-up that but I don’t!

And this happened less than 15 minutes ago. I told her i’m going out with Agnes and Yuanyi.

Mom: “Vivo again?”
Me: “No. Vivo’s getting boring. Just going to her house and then Safra. I lead a very simple life.”
Mom: “Simple?! That’s complicated enough!”

………….. She follows news on Paris Hilton and she says my life is complicated. Wow.

Life’s exciting.


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