Famous Amos cookies!

Oatmeal raisin. I don’t get why so many cookies have to have some chocolate in. Like chocoloate chip cookies, DOUBLE chocolate chip cookies, chocolate cookies. Cookies can taste great without chocolate. Like oatmeal raisin and cornflake cookies. Lol, maybe I’m just saying all this ‘cos I love them.

Father told me those cookies are very unhealthy but he ate piece after piece. On the day I bought those, I also bought honey milk tea from Koi. Mother said it’s too sweet(I’m never buying honey milk tea again anyway. It’s really very very sweet. They don’t allow you to choose the sugar level but if they do, and if people really do choose any level more than zero, they are crazy. And diabetic) but she kept drinking my bubbletea..

Oh, and for awhile, I wished my mother was one of those mothers who likes to bake cakes. And my wish just came true.

But in a bad way.

Grandma(maternal) likes to eat tapioca cakes. Mom came home one day and said it’s kind of expensive to keep buying and buying for her. Then she had this crazy idea to buy the ingredients and make some. She said, “I will make it so nice until your grandmother eat until stomach burst.” and “I will run Bangawan Solo out of business.” Something like that. I solemnly swear she was crazy at that time. And after one successful attempt, she started making different pastries every week.

Today, she told me she bought a square shaped tin for making those nonya pastries of hers. Recipes are ripped off the internet.

Well, I hope you guys have a wonderful Mid-Autumn festival tomorrow :) Psst. Remember to point at the moon!

p/s Sorry for the slightly blur pictures.
p/p/s I’m kidding. Do NOT point unless you want to get hurt.


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